A Warm Welcome to Do.com Users

As you may have heard over the past few weeks, Do.com has decided to shut down their service.

With the help and support of Do, we’ve created an import tool for getting all of your Do tasks, sections, and projects moved into Flow. Do and Flow are set up very similarly, so you’ll have an easy time getting started – and don’t worry, we’ve made the change-over process as simple as possible, so you won’t lose any time.

In addition, we want you to continue having a great experience getting things done with your team, so we’re offering 3 months of Flow free to any Do users who make the switch. Think of it as a thanks for taking the time to change services, and for the inconvenience of losing Do.com.

To compare Do.com and Flow, and to claim your 3 free months, head to this page.

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