All your team’s communication,
clear and organized

Flow is a single place for your team to chat, discuss tasks, and plan projects — all the important stuff that helps you get more done.

Making life easier for companies like:

  • When your team gets talking, good things happen.

    Flow makes reaching out to a teammate or having a quick discussion effortless and fun. Just wait and see how much everyone loves you for not sending an email.

  • Know what’s happening without even asking.

    Spending too much time playing catch up? When all your tasks, files, deadlines, and discussions live in Flow, you’ll always know what everyone’s working on.

  • Work from anywhere, on all your devices.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re eating breakfast at home, working late at the office, or clinging to wi-fi in some far off land. Your team comes with you everywhere.

“Flow is the perfect solution for our team. It’s intuitive, easy to learn, and has all the functionality we were looking for.”

Tim League, Founder and CEO of Alamo Drafthouse, customer since 2013

"Our team grew, from one, to two, and now we are six. Flow had a great impact on how we work. The design, usability, and logic fit into our workflow, and we gave up almost 100% on internal emails."

Bobály Mihály, Owner,Jab Jab Online Marketing

“Flow saves us the need for multiple meetings that interrupt everyone. Everyone began using Flow without having to be asked or told to use it, and a lot less work falls through the cracks.”

Sara Helmy, CEO,Tribu

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