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Just like Do.com, Flow is built for teams to work better together. Make the easy move to Flow to keep getting things done in one simple and shared space.

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What’s new in Flow

While most of Flow will be instantly familiar to you, there are a few extra features you’ll get to enjoy, intended to boost your team’s productivity.

  • The Sidebar

    In the left sidebar, instead of displaying multiple workspaces, we display groups and lists so your team can quickly access projects from any page. To switch context, use the workspace switcher in the top left.

  • The Dashboard

    The Project activity feed is much more prominent in Flow and is known as the Dashboard. Here, you can see what has recently changed with all of your tasks and projects–such as comments, due date changes, completions, etc. You can view all activity going on in the workspace or just from the tasks you’re subscribed to.

  • The Calendar

    This will be entirely new to you as there is no equivalent in Do. Each workspace has its own Calendar where all of your team's due tasks (or just your own) can be viewed on an infitely-scrolling calendar view. You can even drag and drop tasks between days to quickly reschedule them!

  • List Filtering

    Re-sorting and filtering tasks in Flow is done similarly to Do, so you’ll be familiar with the options available. But, in addition, we provide a very powerful filter bar that lets you focus on tasks that: belong to a certain person, are tagged with specific tags, or contain a particular keyword–or all of the above!

With your team's needs covered by Flow, you can continue managing tasks, having discussions, sharing files, and capturing ideas, without skipping a beat. Try it with your team today!

Make the move to Flow