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wFlow Features: Smart Tasks, Power Filters, and More

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: December 10, 2013

When we rebuilt Flow from the ground up (starting over 12 months ago), we made a lot of changes to help teams work more effectively. We’ve announced some of the big ones here already, like shared workspaces and team management. But today, we mention some of the features that are not obvious at first glance.

Smart Quick Task Form


When creating an inline task from the list view, you can edit its details easily with your keyboard by just tabbing through your options and hitting enter. No need to go to the task pane if you just want to sketch out a list of tasks.

More Powerful Filter Bar

Need to quickly cut through a long list of tasks to find something you have vague recollections about? Use the newly empowered filter bar to slice that list by people, tags, and even keywords.

Repeating Task Improvements


Now, when you have a task that needs to be done periodically (like sending out an invoice every two weeks on Monday, eight times), you have more control over the frequency and repititions of that task. You can now also pause recurring tasks, leaving them to be resumed at a later date.

Keep an eye on the blog, because we’ll be announcing a few brand new features in the coming week!