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Small Improvements – February ’17

Jesse HerlitzLast Updated: February 27, 2017

While working on the big things (ahoy 👋, Project Planning!), we try to be careful not to forget about the small stuff, too. We’re always listening to your feedback and recently made a number of small improvements to make Flow that little bit easier to use, all-round.

Tasks are now unassigned by default

“Currently, Flow assigns new tasks to the creator. In our team, tasks are regularly created by someone other than the intended assignee (brainstorms, etc), so it takes us lot of extra clicks to assign them to users who actually needs to complete the tasks.”

We heard from many teams who routinely create multiple tasks before assigning or claiming them after the fact. This small change will save y’all some extra clicks. Also for those of you who are button clickers rather than keyboard thumpers, we’ve added a save button to Quicktask creation in kanban mode. 

You can now assign a section to tasks created via email or Slack

“When emailing Flow to create tasks we regularly assign them directly to projects using the MyProjectName syntax. It’d be great if you could add the ability to also assign tasks to a section.”

You can now use the {section} syntax when creating tasks over email or in Slack to assign them to an existing section in a project. Learn more about creating tasks via email on our support site.

The task pane now automatically scrolls to the newest comment

“It’d be great if the task pane automatically loaded/scrolled to the newest comment!”

Previously, users needed to scroll to the bottom of longer conversations in task comments to see the newest message. This tweak saves you some scrollin’.

You can now set due dates in the past

“I’d love to be able to set task due dates to a date in the past. It may seem like it’s not a needed feature, because you can’t go back in time to do it, but it comes in handy for keeping track of when an overdue task was due, and how overdue it is.”

Some of you might think this feature is a little overdue 🤔, well alright — you can set a task’s due date in the past now. Enjoy retroactively keeping an eye on overdue tasks ❤️.

It’s easier to filter the task calendar

“When I click on a task in the Calendar view, I expect to see the detailed view of that task on the right side. That happens about half the time. The other half of the time, the Calendar view filters for that task instead. Weird! That’s not what you guys intend, is it?

It certainly wasn’t! Now, when clicking a task in the task calendar, it will always open the task pane. Option-clicking a task’s project name will still filter the calendar view to display only tasks in the associated project.

Recurring tasks are now clearly marked in kanban view

“It’d be useful for us to be able to see if a task is recurring without having to go into the details.”

There’s no longer any need to waste clicks: Recurring tasks are now marked directly in card view.

Have feedback or thoughts? Head over to our feedback forum or send a quick email to We love working with you to make Flow better. 

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