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If you're someone who prefers to work from their email inbox, Flow can support you. Use these tips to empower your emails.

Flow lets you quickly create tasks by sending an email to The email subject will become the task title and the body of the email will be added as a comment. By default, tasks you email will be added to My Tasks.

Flow will accept messages from both the email address you use to log in and any alternate address you may optionally set in Account Preferences.

Configuring your email address

Before you start emailing tasks to Flow you’ll need to configure your email address in Account Preferences. This is to ensure that your tasks are created in the correct team, so if you have more than one, you’ll want to add a secondary email to which you can learn how to do here.


In the "Email Tasks to Flow" section, click "Edit". Beside your confirmed email address there will be a drop-down menu where you can choose the team you want to email your tasks to. Select the team and click "Save Changes" to apply your changes.

Adding details to emailed tasks

Indicate a team

If you have more than one team you may need to indicate exactly which team to create your emailed task in. Add a team using $ before the team name if the team name is only one word or $"team name" for multi-word names:

$"SS Enterprise" Repair the warp drive


Add to project

Add tasks to projects using [project name] or project:

[Ship Repairs] Repair the warp drive



Indicate what specific section within your project that you want to file your task in using { } (curly braces) around the section name:

[Ship Repairs] {General Maintenance} Repair the warp drive



Delegate tasks to people using @ or delegate:

@Rowan Repair the warp drive


If two users have the same name, simply use the first name and last name in quotation marks after the @ symbol.

@"Rowan M"

If the assignee syntax is not added, the task will be assigned to the user creating it. There is currently no way to create unassigned tasks via email. 

Add subscribers

Subscribe people for notifications using + or subscribe:

Repair the warp drive +picard +crusher +data


You can add multiple subscribers at once, separated by commas, i.e., ”Picard, Crusher, Data." You can also subscribe people using their email addresses: (new Flow users will be sent invites to sign up): Repair the warp drive

Set Due Date

Schedule tasks using ! or due:

!tuesday Repair the warp drive


Schedule tasks for today using !!:

!! Repair the warp drive


Schedule tasks for May 20, 2017 using basic date formatting:

due:5/20/2017 Repair the warp drive


By default, !2/10/2020 is interpreted as February 10th. To switch to a DD/MM/YYYY format, include a tilde after the exclamation point: !~2/10/2020 (October 2nd, 2020).

Add tags

Add tags with # or tag:

Repair the warp drive #enterprise #repair


Add multiple tags at once, separated by commas:

Repair the warp drive tag:”enterprise, repair, high”


Add Attachments

You can easily attach files to new tasks by simply attaching the desired files to your email.


This is an especially great way to add attachments to Flow from your smartphone or tablet, as most apps let you email files and exports. Just export the file, and email it right from your app to, all without returning to your desk.

More email tips

Order doesn’t matter…

!! @Jessie [Ship Repairs] Repair the warp drive #repairs

…is the same as…

[Ship Repairs] Repair the warp drive @jessie #repairs !!

Symbols and keywords are interchangeable…

!"in 3 days" Repair the warp drive

…is the same as…

due:"in 3 days" Repair the warp drive


Double quotes are required around multiple words (except in between project brackets):

[Ship Repairs] is the same as project:"Ship Repairs"

Note: Do not put a space after keywords.

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