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New for iOS: See exactly what you need to see to get up to speed, and nothing more.

Catch Up on iOS

Since we killed the dashboard on the web and replaced it with Catch Up, we’ve heard from teams everywhere who have come to rely on it as a core part of their daily workflow.

Catch Up is a great place to start your day in the morning, but it’s also ideal for when you’ve gone off the grid for a couple of hours and want to see what you’ve missed. Unlike other dashboards, Catch Up doesn’t show you an endless feed of information: Its sole purpose is to get you back to work—not to create more for you.

Teams using Flow have found Catch Up  useful to help them quickly see and respond to important questions they may have otherwise missed, unsubscribe from noisy task conversations and keep track of who has completed which tasks.

Now, it’s easy to get caught up on the go, too:

New in Flow Tasks 4.7

  • Catch Up is the easiest way to quickly get caught up on what you missed, and what your team has been working on, from anywhere.

  • Use the Catch Up tab to quickly review your notifications (handily grouped by type). Swipe right to dismiss notifications.

  • Check out the Review tab for a historical view of all of your notifications, which you can refer to any time you’d like.

Catch Up is available now in Flow for iPhone and iPad.

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