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Flow for Marketing Teams

Balance workloads, coordinate requests, and manage multiple projects. With Flow, you spend less time managing work and more time making progress. Bring all of your tasks, projects, timelines, and conversations together at last.

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Everything you need, in one place.

Flow is a powerful all-in-one tool where your marketing team comes together to track work, launch campaigns, manage projects, and collaborate with other teams.

Know what's happening at every level of your team.

Easily take the 30,000 foot view, or zoom into the details. Flow lets you see everything happening at every single level of your team.

Help every member of your team stay accountable.

Get rid of accountability leaks by assigning actionable tasks, setting clear deadlines, and keeping track of workload across the team.

Enjoy email and meeting free collaboration.

Flow streamlines communication by eliminating confusion, endless email threads, and long energy draining meetings.

Flow gives you everything you need to run your marketing team — without endless meetings and constantly chasing down updates.

Lightweight, yet powerful.

While Flow is incredibly simple and refined, it’s also incredibly powerful. It’s the perfect all-in-one productivity and collaboration tool for teams of all sizes.

Keep everyone in sync.

Keep you and your team accountable by assigning tasks, adding due dates, and tracking everyone’s progress.

Visualize your content calendar.

Build a flexible, publication-calibre editorial calendar to help you track progress, share ideas and give feedback.

Manage campaigns easily.

Keep projects on-time and on-budget from the initial brief to campaign launch. Manage work and timelines effortlessly.

Share creative work in seconds.

Attach briefs, timelines, and work for review to tasks and projects. Share everything in a single searchable place.

Get strategic with marketing.

Visualize goals and milestones across your team. And make sense of the road ahead with timeline and workload views.

Streamline creative production.

See everything that’s going on in a single tool so you can prioritize what’s important and provide feedback in real-time.

Launch initiatives in less time.

Cut wasted time spent in meetings and chasing down updates on work. Keep your team focused and on-task.

Event planning made simple.

Make sure your next event goes off without a hitch by building a step-by-step checklist to track every detail.

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“More streamlined than Trello, easier than Jira, faster than Asana”

“Flow is a project management game changer.”

“The simplest, most joyful, project management platform.”

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