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Supercharge Slack by linking it to the Flow's simple project management solution.
A match made in productivity heaven.

    In Slack…

  • Subscribe to task updates in slack

    Keep up to date as work moves forward by subscribing to tasks created in Slack to push updates to Flow's Catch Up feed.

  • Manage work from one place

    Wasting time boomeranging between apps? Connect Flow and Slack to give your team a clear path from discussion to completed task.

  • Never miss a beat with project updates

    Get Flow project updates right in Slack by linking Flow projects or teams to Slack channels.

  • Take your conversation to task

    Use the /flow task command to create and delegate tasks, attach Slack conversations, tags, and assign due dates — all from your Slack channel.

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    In Flow...

  • Manage projects

    Organize projects and get a top-down view of your team’s progress, workloads and tasks.

  • Track tasks

    View, prioritize, and rearrange your team’s tasks with total flexibility. 

  • Get caught up

    Catch Up shows you exactly what you need to see to get up to speed—and nothing more.

  • Work from anywhere

    Keep projects and tasks moving forward on the Web, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

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Manage projects from Slack—and keep moving forward

Using the /Flow command in Slack, you can create new Flow tasks and projects or grab important information on the fly

  • Link a Flow team to a Slack channel

    /flow set-team $Marketing
    Slack Command
  • Link a Flow project to a Slack channel

    /flow set-project Website Redesign $Marketing
    Slack Command
  • Create a task for a colleague in Slack

    /flow task Design new homepage $Marketing @jeremy
    Slack Command
  • Learn all /Flow commands

Bring simple project management to Slack

Link your Slack and Flow teams today to bring team
 communication and productivity together. Finally.

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