• Guest Accounts

    Winter 2018 / 2019

    Limited access accounts for an unlimited number of guests. Guests won't count against your user limit in Flow.

  • Task Priority

    Winter 2018 / 2019

    A simple way to set your teammate's task priorities so they know what to work on next.

  • Project Templates

    Winter 2018 / 2019

    Create templates for your team's common workflows and processes. This provides an easy way to make playbooks for things like employee onboarding, campaigns, and approvals.


  • Bulk task editing

    Spring 2017

    Select & edit the details of multiple tasks at once, including owner, tags, and due date.



  • Catch Up for Web

    September 13th, 2016

    Catch Up shows you task notifications one-by-one (sometimes helpfully grouped together)—and only shows you what you need to know. It's our new spin on the traditional dashboard.

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  • Slack integration, v1

    November 15th, 2016

    Our most requested integration has arrived. Link Flow projects to Slack channels, and create tasks directly from Slack. 

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  • Catch Up for iPhone & iPad

    December 1st, 2016

    Catch Up for your iOS devices has arrived. Now, you can quickly get up to date on your notifications from your iPhone or iPad.

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  • 2017

  • Project Planning

    February 8th, 2017

    A suite of features to help your team plan better projects, including Project Start & End Dates and a Project Calendar.

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  • Slack integration, v2

    March 23rd, 2017

    Our Slack integration gets even better. V2 brings you task activity and updates directly in a Slack channel. Also, enter Focus Mode from Slack using a simple command.

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  • Catch Up for Android

    April 17th, 2017

    Catch Up arrives on Android. Start your day by reviewing the latest task activity, and stay up to date effortlessly. 

  • Advanced Subtasks

    June 30th, 2017

    Subtasks will contain much of the functionality of a parent task, including comment threads, due dates, and owners.

  • Task Duplication

    July 5th, 2017

    Create a copy of an existing task (including subtasks, due dates, and all other task details). 

  • Public API

    September 7th, 2017

    Easily integrate Flow with all the apps your team relies on. Sky’s the limit.

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  • SSO (Single Sign-On)

    October 1st, 2017

    We’ll be integrating a SAML and OAuth authentication services for Flow on both web and mobile. It’ll make your IT department happy.

  • 2018

  • Project Cards

    February 6th, 2018

    See an overview of all your team's projects. Each project appears as a card on a Kanban board, allowing you to check status from a high level.

  • Timelines and Gantt Charts

    February 6th, 2018

    Visualize your projects and tasks from start-to-finish on a timeline, and divide it into the specific milestones needed to hit your deadline.

  • People & Task Allocation

    February 6th, 2018

    Easily manage resources with a simple overview of your team’s individual task workloads. 

  • Project Colours

    February 6th, 2018

    Add a little pop to your projects with custom colour themes. A great and simple way to visually organize your projects. 

  • Workgroups

    February 6th, 2018

    Easily subscribe a group of team members to a task (i.e. Design Team), rather than entering names individually.

  • "Done" Section for Completed Tasks

    August 1st, 2018

    When enabled, all completed tasks in a project will automatically be placed in a "Done" section. Helpful in decluttering projects with lots of completed tasks, as well as a good overview of what has been recently completed in a project.

  • iOS Tasks Redesign

    October 1st, 2018

    We're completely rebuilding and redesigning our Tasks app for iOS. Along the way, we're adding some huge new features, including offline access.

  • Task Start Dates

    October 1st, 2018

    Set a start date for upcoming tasks. Essential for planning your team’s upcoming schedules.

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