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Explore helpful videos, guides, and tutorials for getting the most out of Flow.


How to stay on top of your tasks in the Flow.

Easily view tasks in a list, kanban board, or calendar view. Sort and filter them in seconds. And view teammates’ tasks.

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How to manage any kind of project in Flow.

Get an overview of how projects work in Flow and learn how to customize them to best fit your workflow.

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How to visualize your team’s workflow in Flow.

With Flow it’s incredibly easy to organize your team’s work, track progress, and visualize project timelines.

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How to plan ahead with project timelines in Flow.

Flow makes it easy to track all of your ongoing projects on a calendar — so you can spot problems and adjust timelines.

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How to balance your team’s workload in Flow.

With Flow you can easily see how work is distributed across your team, so you can ensure no one is overworked.

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Blog Posts

The Truth: Your Project Management Plan Has Nothing To Do With Project Management

Convincing a group of people to do something can be difficult. But it’s also the bedrock of effective project management.

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How to Avoid Communic- ation Breakdowns While Managing Your Projects Online

In a perfect world, we would be doing all of our communicating in person. In our increasingly connected world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to not work on a project online.

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The Most Important Project Management Skill? Putting Out Fires Without Starting New Ones

No matter how meticulously you plan them out, and no matter how honed your project management skills are, there is no way to disaster-proof your projects.

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What Is Project Management? Choosing Your Goals, Wisely

There are a million different things that you could be doing right now. Every manager knows this. At its most basic, project management is the art (and science) of answering this question in an intelligent way.

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Protecting ‘Real Work’ Is One Of The Simplest Project Management Basics

In a flexible, lean startup environment, the biggest enemy of real, meaningful work is the task “treadmill” — the cycle of meeting, email-answering and planning that seems to cannibalize all other forms work in its path.

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