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Project Management Software Use Cases

No matter how you like to work, Flow will help you get more done. Our powerful and flexible project management software serves diverse use cases and workflows. Whatever solution your team needs, we have you covered.

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Project management

Create to-do lists to help you organize and prioritize all of your work in manageable tasks. Easily view the project, deadline, priority, and even what time a task is due. Plus, use the powerful filter and sort options to find any task in seconds and customize your lists to fit how you work.

Task management

Create rich tasks with notes, files, due dates, due times, priority, tags, and more. Use in-task comments to discuss work or update teammates and keep conversations organized. Follow tasks to get notified when they’re updated. You can even audit tasks by viewing their history.

Team collaboration

Collaborate on everything from the most routine tasks to the most ambitious projects. Easily see any teammate’s tasks, discuss work in task and project comments, share files, and stay in sync with channels and direct messaging. Increase team productivity in a centralized platform.

Increasing productivity

Save time, reduce distractions, and work more productively by keeping your entire team’s or company’s work in Flow. Never bug teammates or ask for updates again. Instead follow tasks and you’ll be automatically notified every time they’re updated.

Remote work

No matter where your team members work from, everyone can stay connected with Flow’s centralized platform and all-in-one suite of tools. The flexibility of tasks, deadlines, and schedules can even support multiple time zones at once and enhance collaborative opportunities.

Team communication

Stay in sync and on track with Flow’s powerful tools for team communication. Organize conversations directly in tasks and projects so no details get missed. Team messaging is also built-in with channels, group DMs, and direct messaging in Chat. Staying aligned has never been easier.

Help Your Team Get Organized

Flow’s web, desktop, and mobile apps make it easy to stay on track, keep tasks and projects organized, and hit deadlines. And with powerful tools like notes, files, priority, and tags for tasks, you can keep everything you need to get work done in a single place rather than all over the place. Of course, each team member is different. When individuals can personalize their virtual workspace, they’ll feel supported and empowered to achieve more. With Flow, you can choose to approach your workflow with the help of to-do lists, kanban boards, and calendars at any time.

To-do lists

Great for prioritizing, to-do lists let you see tasks and deadlines at a glance. Options to filter and sort allow you to customize your lists to suit your work style and help you find tasks without wasting any time.

Kanban boards

Easily organize work into categories or stages using a kanban board. Drag and drop tasks between stages in a project, such as To-Do, Doing, and Done. Visualize your work and track progress seamlessly.

Team calendars

See all of your team’s work in a single calendar—so you know who’s doing what by when. With team calendars, you can view tasks and project timelines and assess workload across your team.

Start working smarter.

The beauty of Flow’s task and project management software is that it fulfills diverse use cases for a wide variety of industries. And it’s a visually stunning, intuitive workspace that teams can pick up in no time.

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