Stop wondering who's working on what

Flow helps you stay up to date on everything happening in your team.
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It's beautiful

Flow won't feel like project management purgatory for your remote or co-located team.

Task Management

It's simple

No unnecessary bells or whistles - just a tool your team will actually want to use.

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It's collaborative

Invite employees and freelancers for easy collaboration. They’ll only see what you want them to see.

Plan and manage all of your team's projects and tasks in one place

Run your team, plan projects and track tasks using simple, beautiful and easy to use tools. No headaches. No training required.

All your projects in one place

Visually plan and organize all of your projects as lists or cards on kanban boards. Easily control who sees what with simple privacy controls.

Plan ahead with project timelines

Put your projects on the calendar with visual timelines. Easily drill into the details from project to subtask with just a couple of clicks.

Simple project reporting

Get a clear, immediate overview of your team’s progress. How many tasks are left, who’s working on what, and what’s behind schedule.

Powerful tasks & subtasks

Fully featured tasks with due dates, subscriptions, notes, comments, advanced subtasks and more.

Project start/end dates

Make sure things get started off right with project start dates—and keep everyone accountable with end dates.

Multiple Workspaces

Teams keep work separate. Create as many as you need. Use unique Teams for multiple departments or clients.

Public & private workspaces

Keep sensitive tasks organized in a private project. Only members you invite will see it.

Task comments

Keep conversation focused on work: Answer questions, get immediate clarification, and like comments. Way faster than a meeting.

If you manage large teams, there is no better accountability software than Flow. Unlike emails which get lost, and mindless meetings where everyone makes empty commitments, Flow is our system of truth.

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Christian Friedland
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