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Flow is a modern task and project management system for teams. It helps you get organized, stay on track, and achieve more as a team. And it gives you insight into what’s happening at every level.

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Never miss an important update.

Flow automatically compiles a news feed that combines everything you care about into a single stream. It includes updates on tasks assigned to you, tasks that you’ve delegated, updates on tasks that you’re following, as well as any @ mentions in conversations throughout the app.

See all of your work in one place.

Flow makes it easy to track assigned to you, tasks you’ve delegated to others, those that you’re following and have bookmarked, and so much more. You’ll never have to wonder about the status of work again.

Timelines & Calendars

Visualize your work — and your teammate’s work — on a calendar so you can see what’s due when and stay on top of what matters.

Sorting & Filtering

Sort task lists and boards by name, project, start or due date, priority, and assignee. Then add filters to find anything in seconds.

See Teammate’s Tasks

Want to know what your team or teammates are up to? Add them to your sidebar, to quickly see their tasks and workload at any time.

Get organized and stay on track.

Organizing your work into projects with clear goals, notes, files, and timelines is easier than everin Flow. You can customize the appearance of projects and pin the projects you care about most to create your own dashboard.

Visualize Projects

View a project dashboard for every team to see what they’re working on in a list, kanboard board, or calendar timeline view.

Keep Details in One Place

Name each project, select a start date and deadline, customize it by choosing a color and icon, then add notes, files, and more.

Track Progress in Real-Time

Easily see whether you’re on track or off track with project states like tasks complete, tasks remaining, and days left on every project.

Manage timelines and workload.

Get visibility into what’s happening at every level of your organization and easily manage timelines and workload across your team with Flow.

See how all of your projects fit together with our timeline view. Click and drag to adjust project start and end dates. Or drag and drop whole projects to move them around in time. Then dive straight into any project to see its notes, files, tasks, and project calendar.

See every team member’s workload and rebalance work in seconds. Flow makes it easy to see the work that’s distributed across your entire team so you can ensure no one has too much or too little to do. Easily spot failure modes — like too many tasks due on a single day — and course correct.

Built for teams of all sizes.

From weekend hackers and early-stage startups to the Fortune 500 companies, every single day Flow helps teams of all sizes get more done together.

Team Filters

Quickly filter any task or project view to focus on an individual team or workgroup. Easily zoom in and out to see work at all levels.


Easy break larger teams down into workgroups so that you can track their work more granularly and add just that group to tasks.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Securely deploy Flow to your entire organization and manage access by turning on Single Sign-On (SSO) for your team.

Start working smarter.

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