Task Management Software That Doesn't Feel Like Work

Flow is a team task manager that makes it easy to delegate tasks, prioritize to-do lists, and make sure nothing gets missed.

Let's go!

What makes Flow so great for team task management?

  • It’s beautiful.

    Flow to-do lists don't feel like a tacked on chore. Your team'll fall in love.

  • It’s simple.

    No unnecessary bells or whistles - just a tool your team wants to use.

  • It’s collaborative.

    Invite employees and freelancers for easy collaboration. They’ll only see what you want them to see.

  • Prioritize, delegate and schedule tasks

    List important tasks, sort them by priority, then tag your team to get their attention. Schedule tasks by dragging them onto the calendar. Flow helps you turn tasks into action items for your team.

  • Enjoy task management and team chat

    Chat with your team, discuss tasks and plan projects - all in one place. This helps you share ideas, share feedback and connect conversations to actual work. Just wait and see how much everyone loves you for not sending an email.

  • Dive into super-focused task discussions

    Whenever a task bubbles up in Chat, create a task to have a razor-sharp discussion. Keep conversations happening at the right level. Glide from the nitty-gritty, to high-level management effortlessly.

Simplifying task management for teams at:

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