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Every day, thousands of teams all over the world depend on Flow to share tasks and keep track of what they need to get done.

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Why choose Flow? Because other task management solutions are either too lean or waaaaay too complex...

Choose Flow when spreadsheets, whiteboards, and sticky notes just won’t do...

When Wunderlist and Trello aren’t quite enough... Or when JIRA and SharePoint are overkill.

Major Problem Flow Solves:

If only we had prioritized to-do lists...

Whether you call them tasks or to-do’s, Flow helps you do more...

  • Create tasks wherever and whenever with the task form
  • Set priorities for tasks
  • Drop tasks into projects to keep related tasks organized
  • Track task histories, with comments and attachments
  • Sort tasks by person, keyword, due date, or tag
  • Set repeating tasks
  • Add subtasks to break complex tasks into easy to-dos
  • Arrange tasks by assigned, flagged, subscribed or delegated
  • Create private projects with just the people who matter
  • Create tasks on the go from your iOS or Android device

Major Problem Flow Solves:

If only we could delegate tasks better...

Bring your whole team together in one place.
For any project, just invite everyone involved and quickly assign them tasks. If someone leaves your team, reassigning their tasks is as fast as clicking a checkbox.

Work with freelancers?
They’ll only see the tasks you want them to.

Want to notify people outside of a project team?
Add them to get notifications so they stay in the loop.

Have remote team members?
Make it easy for distributed teams to collaborate, take on new tasks, share tasks and connect.

Major Problem Flow Solves:

Does everyone know what to do?

Our users tell us that they couldn’t live without the Calendar view. It instantly shows people what they need to work on right now. Plus:

  • Organize tasks into a flat list or familiar calendar layout
  • Sync tasks to whatever calendar you use (mobile or desktop)
  • Drag and drop tasks to quickly reschedule them
  • See everyone’s work at once, or drill into single days

Ideal for...

Anyone who runs a busy and growing business or team.


Staying organized with Flow since 2011

What makes Flow the best task management software you’ll ever use? (guaranteed, or your money back)

It’s revered for its beautiful interface.

Flow is the drop-dead gorgeous alternative to feature obsessed task apps that try to do too much and take weeks to learn.

Your team will pick it up in hours, not weeks.

What keeps your team and clients from getting the most out of a task management solution? Whether they USE it or not! The Flow UX and onboarding experience is so closely aligned with team workflows, there’s almost no learning curve.

It connects tasks with conversations.

Unlike a lot of project and task managers, Flow was built with the components of collaboration front of mind: tasks and conversations. They happen together in real life. They should happen together in your software. With Flow, they do!

Brilliantly manage any type of task with Flow

Set up your team for success today – for free.

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