Project management for teams everywhere

Plan your team’s next project in Flow, and track
 it from “Hey, great idea” to ready-to-ship.

Project Management

Simple tools designed to drive amazing results.

  • All your team’s projects

    Project planning helps you visually organize your projects, and give everyone high-level transparency into everything the company has on the go.

  • Top-down project management

    Get a clear overview of your team’s progress with Project Reporting, and see everyone’s tasks. Plan ahead, set priorities, and balance workloads.

  • In-depth task tracking

    Where the magic really happens. Discuss specific requirements, set due dates, and track your task from inspired start to glorious finish.

Everything your team needs to move projects forward—without any extra fluff.

  • Catch Up

    Meet Catch Up, your new-look dashboard. It shows you exactly what you need to see to get up to speed on your tasks and projects... and nothing more.

  • Teams

    Teams keep work separate. Create as many as you need, and have unique Teams for multiple departments or clients.

  • Invite your team

    Bring in your team, or invite collaborators to specific projects. Members only see what you want them to see.

  • Notifications

    Notifications keep you informed of any updates to your tasks. They’re customizable, so you receive as many or as few as you want.

  • Private Projects

    Have a project the whole team doesn’t need to see? Keep sensitive tasks in a private project. Only invited members will see it.

  • Project Notes

    Get your project started with an inspirational note, or some helpful instructions and files.

  • Project start & end dates

    Make sure things get started off right with project start dates—and keep everyone accountable with end dates.

  • Task Comments

    Have a rapidfire discussion about a specific project with all your collaborators. Answer questions, get immediate clarification, and like comments. Way faster than a meeting.

Task Management

View, prioritize, and rearrange your team’s tasks with total flexibility.

  • Calendar view

    Switch to the calendar view, and see your team’s workload for the day. 
Or week. Or month.

  • Kanban Boards

    Visualize projects as sections, and drag and drop tasks as work moves forward.

  • Task lists

    See a simple list of your team’s tasks. Sort by owner, due date, or 
Kanban section.

Task Tracking

Watch your team ship their best work ever.

Focus on a single task, and use Flow’s 
task tracking tools to bring it to completion.

  • Task Notes provide helpful instructions

  • Due dates keep work on schedule

  • Manage workloads by assigning tasks

  • Add subscribers so the right people 
are involved

  • Advanced subtasks have all the power of normal tasks

  • Add comments to give helpful feedback

  • Use tags to organize tasks even further

Focus Mode

Know what to work on next—and let Flow help you get it done.

Hit the Focus switch, and you won’t receive notifications from your team for however long you’d like.

It’s the perfect way to tune out distractions and get some
serious work done.

Hit the Focus switch, and you won’t receive notifications from your team for however long you’d like.

Work from anywhere

Keep your team’s projects and tasks moving forward, regardless of location or device.

Work from anywhere
Get Flow for Your Device

All the integrations you need, brought together

We’ve integrated the tools your team relies on every day.
 No more jumping between apps.

  • Access and attach cloud files

    Keep files in the cloud, and attach them directly to Flow from a file picker.

  • Collaborate on documents

    Store documents securely in Drive, invite collaborators, and share in Flow.

  • Track billable time from tasks

    Don't miss a minute of billable time. Start and stop the timer right from a task.

Every day thousands of teams around the world trust Flow to help them manage projects and ship great work.

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