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Top 7 productivity podcasts you should listen in 2022 to improve your efficiency

NitanshLast Updated: September 2, 2022

While COVID-19 has been a harrowing experience across the globe, it has also accelerated several trends. Be it an increased reliance on digitization, remote work, or unprecedented growth of software such as video conferencing, project management, and more. Another underlying phenomenon that we have witnessed in the past two years is the focus on improving one’s productivity to balance the professional and personal lives. If you are also wondering how to improve your productivity levels by following tips, using specific tools, or using some strategies, then you’ve arrived at the right place. We have curated the list of best productivity podcasts that can help you manage your work better. Read on to find out the best podcasts on productivity.

The 5 AM Miracle

In its own words, this podcast for productivity helps you in “dominating your day before breakfast”. Having raked in more than 11 million downloads for its 450+ podcasts, the numbers speak for themselves about its popularity. Self-confessed productivity junkie Jeff Sanders hosts the show. He’s also the author of The 5 AM Miracle and The Free-Time Formula. Launched in 2014, the podcast episodes focus on building healthy habits, personal development, and how one can be more productive. The podcast releases weekly episodes, and while most of them feature the host sharing his strategies, it also manages to get notable guests like Nir Eyal from time to time.

Beyond the To-Do List

As the name indicates, the podcast shares practical tips for enhancing productivity in personal and professional lives. Erik Fisher anchors Beyond the To-Do List, and it’s perhaps the oldest productivity podcast as it was launched in 2012. The weekly episodes feature experts such as Tiago Forte and Daniel Pink talking about not just how to manage work effectively, but also personal improvement and more.

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done is a personal work-life management system to ensure that people don’t get overwhelmed by their work. It was conceptualized by David Allen and he wrote a book to explain the same (its new edition was released in 2015). And The David Allen Company has expanded its wings over the years, including coaching sessions and a podcast. True to its name, the podcast focuses on helping individuals with their GTD practice. The weekly podcast features interviews and tips on how one can follow the ‘Getting Things Done’ methodology across desktop, mobile, and more. Ranking among the best podcasts on productivity, it was started in 2015, and has 170 episodes with each of them offering a ton of insights and ideas. 

A Productive Conversation

It was in 2012 when Mike Vardy coined the term productivityist, referring to someone who’s a productivity enthusiast. Along with launching a website and definitive articles to help people become more productive, he also introduced a podcast dubbed A Productive Conversation. As you could gather from the title, each of the weekly episodes brings experts from different fields with conversations focusing on boosting personal productivity. The biggest testament to the podcast’s popularity is the fact that it has got more than 6 million downloads since its launch in 2014. 

The Productivity Show

Just like its straightforward name, the podcast targets people who want to become more productive at work and in life. The hosts’ share suggestions, tips and tricks on how to save time and increase not just productivity, but happiness too. It also has interviews with noted experts like Chris Sparks and Alexis Haselberger. What sets The Productivity Show apart is that it also talks about various apps and tools and which ones are effective in improving productivity levels. Started in 2015, the weekly podcast has over 400+ episodes at the time of writing.


Unlike other productivity podcasts in this list, Supermanagers is from a SaaS product Fellow, a meeting management tool. Fellow’s CEO Aydin Mirzae hosts the weekly podcast where he interacts with world-class executives on various topics that help them become better leaders. While it doesn’t just focus on productivity, a lot of topics such as habits, better remote work, and more do help one in managing work effectively and efficiently.

Back to Work

Well, productivity goes beyond just the tools and strategies as one also needs to communicate with their team members, work with various stakeholders, and more. That’s what this podcast – hosted by Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin – focuses on. It has over 500 episodes and won a slew of awards too. Both the hosts discuss a variety of topics such as their favorite apps and systems along with chatting about their personal lives and banter to keep the episodes engaging.

Honorable mentions

By no means, this is a comprehensive list of podcasts about productivity. Some of the worthy ones that deserve your attention are:

1. Before Breakfast – Hosted by Laura Vanderkam, it has bite-sized episodes on time management strategies.

2. The Productive Woman – What sets this one apart is that the host Laura McClellan talks to women about how they manage their lives. It definitely ranks high among the podcasts on productivity for women.

3. The ONE Thing – Borrowing its name from the book of the same name, written by Gary Keller, the podcast hosts successful people. The episodes focus on how one approaches productivity, time management, business, and more.

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