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Seamlessly Managing Remote Teams: 7 Tips to Try Today

The Flow TeamLast Updated: September 23, 2020

Let’s face it, bottlenecks are a common problem for highly collaborative projects where productivity is key. Inefficient or congested project management systems can be the cause of lost revenue, unhappy customers, and disgruntled team members.

Eliminating bottlenecks is key to seamlessly managing your remote teams so that everyone can be productive and enjoy a smooth project workflow. But what if you don’t know where to begin when you’re considering the right solution for project management and collaboration? And how do you integrate intelligent functionality into your day-to-day workflow without purchasing separate software programs and apps?

Here are some of our favorite tips for automating workflow, streamlining organization, and managing remote teams’ workloads to eliminate chaos and revitalize productivity.

7 Tips for Managing Remote Teams

There are a number of crucial strategies that can help teams streamline project management and day-to-day processes. It starts with an all-in-one solution where team members have diverse tools within reach to automate and optimize workflow.

1. Offer Tools for Task Management, Organization, and Communication

  • Built-in chat features that allow your team to comment on specific tasks
  • Separate chat channels for project or team-based conversations 
  • The ability to add followers and subscribers to tasks to enable real-time notifications and reduce the frustration of sorting through email updates
  • @mentions to call the attention of specific project members in a task
  • Personalized communication settings to ensure you get priority notifications first
  • The option to mute notifications and eliminate unnecessary noise and distractions 
  • Easy file sharing to keep things organized in tasks, direct messages, or other chat channels

2. Build from a Flexible Workspace

  • Multiple workflow options that support diverse work styles and preferences, such as to-do-lists or Kanban boards
  • Feature-rich task options to help remote team members organize files, conversations, due dates, and notes for greater productivity and collaboration—no matter the time zone

3. Establish Clear Expectations

  • Project dashboards that beautifully track tasks and broader initiatives with a customizable view
  • Calendar and timeline viewing by day, week, project, or assigned team members

4. Track Progress

  • A customizable solution that enables themes, colors, and individual task attributes, as well as custom views so team members can maximize their productivity and accountability 
  • A home tab that shows everything at a glance, including general task activity such as comments, tasks in progress, tasks completed, and upcoming tasks

5. Support Productive Communication

  • Integrate with your favorite apps and tools such as Dropbox, Harvest, Google Drive,  Slack, and Zapier
  • Encourage file sharing and organization within your platform
  • Make comments and notes directly on tasks

6. Promote Collaborative Opportunities

  • Powerful chat capabilities allowing one-to-one messaging, group chats, team or project channels, in-task conversations, and personalized notifications
  • Team calendars enabling remote collaboration in a single space so you can view tasks, project timelines, and team workloads

7. Minimize the Learning Curve

The goal is to increase productivity! A steep learning curve with project management software could become a time-waster and introduce new bottlenecks. You need a simple, intuitive solution.

Seamlessly managing remote teams with a comprehensive, collaborative, and intuitive project management solution will help prevent problems that could slow your team down, and allow you to manage projects more effectively.

Successful Remote Team Management Practices

Managing remote teams requires a centralized solution that combines the most effective project management features and capabilities for orchestrating projects, teams, and resources.

  • Streamline management of your remote teams’ workflows with a task management app to prioritize day-to-day responsibilities in a single dashboard
  • Enable accessibility where project members and managers can log in remotely, interact on projects in real-time, and collaborate from anywhere
  • Draft templates and automate tasks so you can save time, maximize collaborative productivity, and maintain consistency

Blockages in day-to-day project workflow should be eliminated whenever possible. That’s why a seamless, intuitive solution will help with managing remote teams and workflows.

Flow provides a feature-rich solution for managing remote teams and kickstarting a productive workflow. Sign up for a free trial!

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