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Is a Calendar and Task Management App Powerful Enough to Organize Team Workflow?

The Flow TeamLast Updated: October 13, 2020

Calendars have been helping guide human routines since the Bronze Age. But with modern calendar, timeline and task management apps, the ability to view calendars online in real-time has grown substantially. Gone are the days of rudimentary timekeeping. The very best modern solutions now offer a comprehensive, all-in-one package that combines calendar and task management apps with a full range of features.

As a project manager or executive, having a seamless way to connect team members, visualize your team’s workload, share tasks and ideas, filter and sort tasks by owner and assignee, and stay updated on important details that keep your project timelines on track is absolutely crucial. Ideally, you can do all this with a project management solution that is efficient and feature-rich. Bonus points if it offers a well-designed and intuitive interface.

So, if you’re evaluating whether your calendar and task management app is powerful enough to organize a team, let’s consider the features and attributes of one that is.

Effective Calendar and Task Management

When you’re in charge of project management and you need to view your team’s work, as well as your own, you’ll want to use a solution that offers the ability to view project timelines across days, weeks, and projects, while viewing both yours and your team’s work. This will enable you to easily access all aspects of a project on micro and macro levels.

Equipped with this powerful perspective, you can stay on top of schedules and ahead of the game in coordinating project updates and changes. Now, let’s break down what true feature-rich power is in a calendar and task management app.

Essential Features of Modern Apps

Here are some essential features of apps that can integrate into your workflow as part of an all-in-one, intelligently functioning system.

Calendar and Timelines

Calendar views enable project managers to view project timelines, workflow, and team workloads so that you can strategically prioritize tasks and better allot resources.

Here are some of the essential calendar and timeline features that will bring successful workflow to your team as a whole:

  • A built-in calendar tool where you don’t have to exit the platform to access it
  • Toggle between views, including different workflows or workload by team member
  • The ability to easily track progress and proactively make changes as necessary
  • View tasks in a convenient list by day, week, or project
  • Turn on additional columns like priority and start date to view even more about each task 
  • Display timelines for all of your projects and track multiple projects across teams
  • Filter and sort tasks by tags and by owner
  • Access to shareable calendars via Google Calendar, iCal, or Microsoft Outlook
  • Ability to create custom fields and to set limits on your lists

Because calendars can help you and your team stay ahead of project timelines and workloads, it’s likely you’ll also enjoy a system that provides all-in-one capabilities for task management. Read on for our list of essential task management features.

Task Management

An online task organizer that works seamlessly with your calendar app will help you create project tasks with ease. Here are some of the features that make your app extra powerful, with the ability to effectively organize team workflow:

  • Set task due dates, specific due times, and priorities
  • Incorporate any relevant notes and files within a task 
  • Use comments to discuss tasks or to update team members
  • Follow tasks and receive notifications when tasks are updated
  • Toggle between your calendar and task management functions to make day-to-day task management easier 
  • Audit tasks by viewing the history of any changes
  • Capture to-do lists, notes, files, and due dates quickly
  • Include tags for ease of filtering, searching for, and sorting tasks
  • Add priority tags—low, medium, or high—and even “urgent” if needed
  • Filter by projects, team members, due dates, or priority levels
  • Flag tasks requiring your team’s immediate attention

Use your task management app in conjunction with your calendar as a central hub for viewing and managing critical project and task information. By implementing an all-inclusive modern platform, you’ll get to incorporate all of the important features and qualities you need to organize your team’s workflow.

Implementing an All-Inclusive Modern App

While we would expect the calendars of the Bronze Ageto be pretty basic, there’s nothing basic about calendar and task management apps today. The best and most intuitive modern apps automate your workflow, providing the best app capabilities as one, centralized solution. 

If you’re ready to try a powerful all-inclusive app that offers features like filtering and sorting by tags, the ability to toggle between your calendar and task management function and more, Flow offers a software solution that can organize your team in a powerful way, enabling growth for years to come.

Flow provides an all-in-one collaborative platform with feature-rich calendar and task management capabilities and a simple setup so you can start checking off tasks on the first day. Sign up for a free trial today!

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