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Identifying Which Productivity Software Features Your Business Really Needs

The Flow TeamLast Updated: June 11, 2020

Over time, team workflow solutions have become increasingly robust and multi-faceted. When wide-ranging productivity software features can operate seamlessly at once, they redefine the way we work. We stop wasting time on administrative tasks that can be automated, we’re able to collaborate more efficiently whether team members are down the hall or across the world, and we can take greater advantage of our strengths because technology solutions eliminate common limitations.

No matter what your business may be, now is the right time to evaluate your project management tools. If they aren’t filling your team’s needs, then you’re wasting opportunities for optimal productivity and engagement. Here, we’ll review the primary functions your software should fulfill and the important questions you should be asking about your team’s present and future needs.

Common Productivity Software Features to Consider

Below are seven features of productivity software that address everyday pain points and can help your team members feel more engaged and supported. At their best, these features can even liven up the workday.

  • Task Organization helps prioritize to-dos and lets you filter by date, project, and team (or any other tag you define). You can also manage recurring tasks by scheduling them to repeat and setting reminders for critical assignments you don’t want to forget.
  • Workload Management keeps tasks and projects humming along smoothly, especially with the flexibility to redirect assignments and workflows as needed.
  • Real-Time Communication is a fundamental aspect of team collaboration, so built-in chat functions are critical. Also, by following a teammate’s tasks and them following yours, relevant updates are automatically shared.
  • Cloud-Based File Sharing and Storage lets you locate project and task resources quickly and easily. It’s also the safest way to house project, company, and client documents.
  • Progress Tracking keeps an eye on project timelines and ongoing tasks. This feature can eliminate the need to do formal progress audits or, worse, make educated guesses.
  • App Integration allows you to add your favorite tools and expand beyond your productivity software’s built-in features.
  • Remote Access ensures that your team can use it from anywhere. Whether team members are frequently traveling or everyone works from home, remote access guarantees that business can continue without interruption.

Do You Need An All-in-One Productivity Software?

These features are undeniably valuable, but is it the right time for you to invest in productivity software? Here are some questions to help you gauge your need—and to help you narrow down the right platform for your team:

  • How big is your company, and do you plan to grow?

Truthfully, all sized companies can benefit from productivity platforms as long as it’s both versatile and customizable. When a software solution is easily scalable, you won’t need to redefine your virtual workspace each time you add new team members or projects. That said, sole business owners may find certain features to be unnecessary—unless there are plans in place to grow.

  • Are your team members distributed or fully remote?

Robust productivity software is often considered a necessity for distributed and remote teams. Although visiting a coworker’s desk for information may be impossible, your team still depends on regular and effective collaboration. In fact, the same centralization of resources and the opportunities for productive teamwork and project management are just as important for in-office teams.

  • Are you tech-driven?

If your company isn’t ready to let go of actual paper-pushing, then learning productivity software may be more trouble than it’s worth. But, even if your team isn’t particularly tech-savvy, many platforms are super intuitive and easy to learn. In most cases, getting familiar with these productivity software features sooner than later is a smart idea—especially if competitors are doing the same. You will certainly see the return on your investment through team empowerment and project efficiency.

  • How important is customization?

Many project management systems have enough productivity features to cover your basic needs, so a one-size-fits-all solution may be acceptable. But the reality is that individual team members have preferred working styles and ways of organizing tasks. Customizable productivity software features empower and inspire them to level up their team contributions.

A Unique Software Solution Can Redefine the Way Your Team Works

The ideal software solution doesn’t just streamline workflows—it can also create a more enjoyable workplace to maintain motivation and team collaboration. Ultimately, you’re assessing productivity software features that can do so much more than just help your team get more done. You are potentially redefining the workday itself. For that, go with a unique platform that is easy to use, customizable for your team, and an overall beautiful workspace.

Flow solves common productivity problems with a beautifully intuitive and customizable platform. Give your team the tools to thrive. Try it free today!

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