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Finding All-in-One Remote Project Management Tools

The Flow TeamLast Updated: June 9, 2020

The pocket knife was invented for good reason, and multi-tools are more than just a novelty for quick and efficient fixes. These solutions offer portable versatility. As handheld items, they don’t rival a complete toolbox. But if we start talking about virtual tools tethered to the cloud, those tangible limitations begin to fall away. In this case, you’re able to combine many wide-ranging tools in one place and pull them out as easily as a corkscrew from a pocket knife.

In fact, when you’re dealing with new-generation issues in business—like team members scattered across multiple time zones—you won’t get very far without superior and portable multi-tools that can tackle your challenges head-on. That’s why the decisions you make about remote project management tools are so critical.

The Right Tools Streamline Remote Workflows with Ease

The benefits of remote project management tools are endless. They apply to creative teams, food services, design firms, non-profits, and teams of virtually all industries and sizes. The work-from-home advantages are undeniable, but they don’t stop there. When you find the right project management tools that work for your remote team, they will:

  1. Increase project visibility
  2. Organize information
  3. Centralize processes
  4. Monitor timelines
  5. Prioritize work
  6. Manage tasks
  7. Track budgets
  8. Identify bottlenecks
  9. Increase communication
  10. Encourage collaboration

Collectively, these benefits add up to a hyper-streamlined workflow. Your team is empowered to reach common goals and to surmount some of the toughest challenges.

But, before you get too far ahead of yourself, stop to consider the daily functionality of remote project management tools for your team. Figuratively speaking, it wouldn’t be efficient or fair to strap each team member with multiple kits of tools for the diverse projects they’ll be tackling over the course of a week. So, why choose to do so with remote work tools?

The Pain of Piecemealing Remote Project Management Tools

Piecing together disparate tools usually has the opposite effect on productivity. Consider just some of the tools your team needs to accomplish simple day-to-day tasks:

  • Cloud-based file storage that is secure and easy to access
  • Calendars that track your tasks, team workloads, and project timelines
  • An app that manages tasks with Kanban boards or to-do lists (or both)
  • An app that records time, creates invoices, and calculates costs
  • One or more chat tools that facilitate and organize conversations

Individually, these tools solve the specific problem they’re designed for. Dropbox stores files securely in the cloud, and Harvest records the time spent on projects. But building a working ecosystem one tool at a time will undermine your best efforts at helping your remote team achieve more. Why? Because:

  • Every unique tool comes with its own learning curve—and some curves are steep.
  • Not all tools integrate well together, if at all.  
  • Few tools are easily scalable, and all teams are bound to grow.

As you can see, adopting separate solutions for unique issues as they arise isn’t sustainable. Eventually, you’ll find yourself shopping for more—and better—tools for your team again. Once again, your budget will be feeling the pressure, and your workers will be facing new learning curves. None of you have the time or energy to learn a new tool every few months and still be effective at work. Luckily, some project management tools offer just the power and versatility your team needs.

Give Your Team the Advantage with an All-in-One Solution

For everyone to reach their full potential, you need an all-in-one platform that is intuitive and easy to learn. It needs to integrate with your favorite apps and be able to evolve as your projects and teams grow. The return on your investment becomes evident with more efficient workflows, a better-supported team, and a simplified remote utility bill! Before you know it, remote project management tools are putting your team back in touch with the high-level goals that will take the company to the next level.

Flow is an all-in-one project management solution that helps remote teams accomplish more in a sustainable and scalable way. To try out the full toolbox, sign up for free today!

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