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Choosing Recurring Task Management Software to Automate your Workflow

The Flow TeamLast Updated: July 1, 2020

The advent of cloud-based productivity tools has helped more companies move their business operations online—whether their teams are still in the office or working remotely. In addition to the obvious benefits of centralization, these tools offer incredible opportunities for streamlining project and task management.

One of the lesser-known solutions that your team should be taking advantage of is recurring task management software. It’s a tool designed to increase efficiency and avoid administrative busy work so your team members can focus on the tasks that deserve more attention.

The Benefits of Recurring Task Management Software

At first, adopting a new software tool can sound like adding one more thing to your team’s plate to learn and use. But an intuitive tool that manages repeating tasks actually frees your team to accomplish more. Hence, the benefits go well beyond the immediate task management solution. 

Create and Organize To-Dos So Nothing Gets Lost

One of the biggest pain points of general task management is that information and resources can get lost and, as a result, interrupt important workflows. However, with an integrated task management tool, this kind of hiccup is a thing of the past. Here’s why.

When you create a task, you can:

  • Add  tasks to corresponding projects, which can be easily accessed by project collaborators
  • Take ownership of the task or assign it to another team member. You can also add as many followers as you need to and they’ll be notified of task updates.
  • Attach files and link resources that will remain within the task.
  • Add comments to tasks and tag in collaborators so your team can weigh in.
  • Add subtasks to larger, more complex tasks.
  • Create tags and set a priority for quick and easy filtering later.

These features make creating and organizing to-dos easy for everyone. Finding tasks is also simplified through filtering and sorting. You can go to a project’s home to find tasks or filter by one of the tags. The more customization your tool offers, the faster the search—for a task, a file, or a follower—will be.

Increase Team Productivity Where It Matters Most

Setting up tasks is just the beginning. If you make the most out of your task management software, team productivity can also improve. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips below:

  • Set ongoing tasks to recur on the day, week, or month that you choose. This eliminates the need to manually recreate tasks.
  • Assign start and due dates in addition to setting the task’s priority level. This removes confusion over what to focus on first or how much time you should budget.
  • Create subtasks when a task is large, complicated, or needs the involvement of multiple team members. This breaks up work into even more manageable pieces, lessening the burden on a single individual.
  • Duplicate task templates when tasks need to be created for a new project or team member. This cuts down on mundane admin duties, like constantly creating tasks from scratch.
  • Generate weekly reminders of routine and unique tasks. This reduces the weight of having to remember it all while reinforcing the habit of planning the week ahead.

When team members use these features to their advantage, everyone becomes accountable to their own individual and team tasks. This sense of accountability will positively impact productivity and overall engagement on your team.

Help Your Team Reach Their Peak

By automating as many tasks as possible, team members have more time and energy to keep the end goal in sight. They can focus on high-level priorities and spend more time creatively solving problems. Plus, it’s much easier to empower your team to use their unique strengths and skills when they’re not bogged down with busywork. This kind of efficiency allows you to apply yourself to projects that will evolve the company culture and move the business forward.

The Right Task Management Option for Your Team

Not all recurring task management software is created equal—which is actually a good thing. After all, every company, team, and team member is unique. You don’t want to be stuck with a tool that can’t offer your team the flexibility they need to do their best work.

The ideal software for your team is easy to learn and use. It integrates seamlessly with the other tools you already use and love. Oftentimes, an all-in-one platform that combines the best productivity tools is a better and cheaper way to go in the long run. Less equals more when more means juggling too many virtual tools at once. Look for an accessible setup and a smooth learning curve. That way, your team won’t miss a beat.

By automating recurring tasks and other administrative details, you’ll be able to leverage the full range of talents on your team. As a comprehensive software solution, Flow can help you do this and more—with ease. Try free today!

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