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The Best Kanban Project Management Tools

The Flow TeamLast Updated: January 12, 2021

Goal visualization is key among project leaders in achieving specific objectives. For both team members and managers, there’s a certain motivation that comes along with knowing how you’re progressing on a project. Envisioning the workflow and the steps necessary to complete a project leads to immeasurable success.

One approach which project teams use to better visualize their progress is a Kanban project management tool. A Kanban system acts as a visual aid for managing workflow as it moves through a succinct process. But a Kanban program should never stand alone. While it’s an important part of your platform, it’s just as critical that you also have a feature-rich solution that includes other key functionalities such as task management, tracking, and calendar integration.

Kanban Project Management Tool Options

If you understand the Kanban task management process, it’s probably safe to say that you appreciate the value that a Kanban project management tool can offer. Adding a Kanban option with full functionality for calendar integration and task management, tagging, sorting, and filtering, as well as the other benefits mentioned below, will enable your team to synergize successfully.

Key features of the best Kanban tools include:

Customizable Views and Calendar Integration

In order to understand the progression of your team’s project, customizable views are important for taking a look at project timelines, files, notes, and calendar updates.

Task Management and Organization

Effective task management organization is a necessity for seamless progression on projects. That’s why it’s important to work with a platform that enables the organization and prioritization of individual and team member project tasks into one shared tool.

Tagging, Sorting, and Filtering Capabilities 

An enhanced Kanban system offers the ability to search and filter by assignee, status, tags, start date, or due date to determine progress. You should be able to track overdue or unassigned tasks or those that are missing deadlines.

Time Tracking

Tracking time spent on project management with integrated apps like Harvest is important for project teams not only when tracking internal time on projects but also for reporting and invoicing.

Built-in Messaging for Real-time Communication

Through a robust built-in chat and messaging tool, team members and managers can send one-on-one, team, and project messages to one another through a direct, real-time team communication system.

Cloud-based File Storage

With extensive projects, it’s likely that you’ll need integration of large-scale, cloud-based file storage systems from applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and SharePoint will ensure your team has access to all of the important project files.

Team Productivity Tools

When teams are collaborating on workloads, they need productivity tools for managing to-do-lists, dragging and dropping tags and assignees, adding task comments, and holding project conversations—all within a single tool.

Kanban Card Customization

Customizing Kanban cards by icons and accent colors enables the simple, visual organization of your projects and tasks.

Workload Management 

The role of a Kanban board is to keep workflow moving along smoothly with the ability to redirect assignments and workflows where necessary.

App Integration 

App integration enables project teams to incorporate their favorite tools into a central task management platform. 

Remote Access 

When you have remote team members, it’s important that everyone has access to your Kanban tool and that it’s available from any location at any time. 

The ideal Kanban project management tool doesn’t just enable you to visualize project progress. You should be able to experience all of the options above and more. Modern Kanban project management tools offer more than simple task boards. Kanban solutions such as Trello, Click Up, and only enable basic functionality and integrations but may not suit a company looking for a complete solution.

Ultimately, accessing a productivity app that facilitates remote access, built-in messaging, and comprehensive task management functionality will redefine the way your workday progresses.

An All-In-One Workflow Solution

A solid Kanban offering acts as an all-in-one platform for creating and viewing assignments, tagging assignees, adding due dates, storing files, and pinning projects. Calendar integration and built-in messaging are also essential for progressive project workflow. 

While a Kanban tool can enable you to process workflow more seamlessly, what if your team needs to integrate alternative tools and apps? Calendar, task, built-in chat, and other features of the right Kanban tool can assist your teams with streamlining workloads from start to finish. 

Knowing the precise steps necessary to effectively complete a project involves visualizing progress. As you and your team strive toward impressive results, it’s critical to choose a Kanban project management tool that is also a fully-featured, comprehensive task and project management system that can help catapult your team to success. 

Flow provides a feature-rich Kanban platform that’s both scalable and simple enough to learn in minutes. To learn how it can improve your project workflow, sign up for a free trial today! 

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