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10 Ways to Manage Your Team’s Workload

The Flow TeamLast Updated: January 28, 2021

Collaborating online is crucial for teams that face short or demanding project cycles and strict deadlines. Project managers who manage a variety of team member’s workloads need a clear and simple method to view and manage schedules, assign tasks, and ensure that projects are delivered according to schedule. Achieving this requires collaborative tools that can be easily accessed. At this point we’re sure you’re asking yourself, is this even possible?

The global online collaboration market is currently at peak demand with an expectation for it to grow from $31 billion for 2019 to $48.1 billion by 2024. This expected boom of the enterprise market communicates the ever-growing need to manage team workloads in a way that simplifies your duties without added pressure, frustration, or delay.

The last thing you need is to spend valuable time on a project management system that is disjointed or creates even more obstacles to collaboration among your team. Instead, streamlined, goal-oriented task management software enables managers to seamlessly assign, rearrange, and reassign tasks to distribute workloads evenly. You can change due dates according to task priority, send reminders, and chat in real-time about updates with team members. And being able to view workloads in a variety of options such as kanban, calendar, and timeline equips every member of a project team to more successfully do what they do best.

10 Ways to Manage Team Workloads

A successful project manager is one who increases teamwork and productivity while mitigating costs, time spent, and other obstacles to accomplishing project goals.

When you consider your team’s day-to-day workload, and you learn that additional projects are coming down the pipeline, a successful project manager will be able to leverage different tools to balance time, task, and resource management.

Here are 10 simple ways to better manage your team’s workload:

1. View projects included on the team schedule

By choosing a system that enables total visualization of your work across teams and projects, you can stay on track with your goals. A solution that offers a variety of viewing methods such as calendar, timeline, kanban, and task view will ensure flexibility for project managers. 

2. Evaluate and adjust deadlines as necessary

You can set start dates, deadlines and due times, and you can even drag and drop tasks by team member or date.

3. Assign tasks to team members involved in the project

Be sure to assign a task owner to maintain accountability and add additional followers in case there are other collaborators that need to stay updated on the task’s progress. 

4. Reassign and rearrange tasks

This allows the ability to distribute work more evenly when team members are out sick or on vacation.

5. Change due dates according to task priority

When a client’s needs have changed, adjusting due dates is a simple process with a project management system that offers drag and drop features. 

6. Communicate changes and updates with important notes and files

The ability to comment directly on a task and attach relevant documents helps streamline the project management process.

7. Choose built-in chat

Most project management systems require an outside chat application rather than one that is built-in. Individual, team, and project messaging that is incorporated directly into a platform will assist with urgent and immediate project needs and changes.

8. Celebrate wins with team and project chat channels

Through individual and team messaging channels, you can highlight major accomplishments, share client comments, and give kudos to team members.

9. Regularly examine workloads and productivity

With the ability to sort and filter tasks, you can find what you are looking for and manage workloads effectively. 

10. Ensure your projects are all organized in one central place

A centralized dashboard with access to all of your team’s favorite tools and built-in messaging will enable you to create efficient workloads with ease.

A project management platform that included all of your team communication tools in one place, including built-in-chat, will help you to manage team workloads much more effectively.

Implementing an Intuitive Task Management Platform

When you need to work both smarter and quicker—while minimizing team downtime—then task management software that enables your whole team to work from a single, fully-integrated dashboard will help reduce time going back and forth between applications.

Properly managing your team’s workload can be crucial to getting a project done and on time, and a fresh, modern platform is the best way to do it. Bringing together all aspects of project management into a single solution that can make collaboration and communication a breeze, whether your team is in office or remote, is precisely what Flow is built for. 

Flow offers a simple, interactive interface for successfully managing your team’s workload. Sign up for a free trial today.

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