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Introducing a brand-new look and feel, greater flexibility, and powerful pro features for larger teams.

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A Brand New Look and Feel

Flow’s new, streamlined interface simplifies interactions, minimizes distractions, and better emphasizes the most important thing: your projects and tasks.

https://flow.imgix.net/assets/newFeatures/tour-brand-new-look%402x_181022_202523.png?auto=format%2Ccompress&crop=focalpoint&fit=min&fp-x=0.5&fp-y=0.5&ixlib=php-1.1.0&q=80&w=2800&s=69a51b0456da145af39b63b828c4c00d https://flow.imgix.net/assets/newFeatures/new-look-and-feel-web%402x_180306_004318.png?auto=format%2Ccompress&crop=focalpoint&fit=min&fp-x=0.5&fp-y=0.5&ixlib=php-1.1.0&q=80&w=1600&s=0493d5a79dcb5ed9209d648dc6b53d43

Simplified Navigation

The new menu bar is focused on Flow’s core functions and most-used features: Catch Up, Tasks, Projects and Timelines.

Your Branding

Add your organization's logo to customize your team's Flow experience.

Recent and Favourite Popovers

It’s quicker than ever to navigate to your most important Projects and Tasks.

Icon Catch Up

Catch Up

Catch Up is now a single, unified feed. One space to get caught up on all notifications across your Tasks, Projects and Teams.



A new plan designed for larger teams and companies who have more complex project planning, forecasting, and resource management requirements.

Icon Tasks


One place to find all the tasks that matter to you. Yours, and your team's.

Your Tasks

Quickly check your daily or weekly to-do list or search, sort and filter by Team, Project, Tags and Flags to find any task in Flow.

Switch to the new Calendar view to visually plan your weekly workload.

Task Profiles

Wondering what someone’s up to? Check out their Task Profile, and know at a glance what their workload looks like. Easily filter by project or due date.

Star teammates to add them to your favorites bar.

Timelines & Calendars

Clearly see your own, or any teammate’s task timelines using the Task Profile Agenda. You can also view all tasks on a traditional calendar view.

Task Filters

Star smart filters (Subscribed, Delegated, Flagged and Unassigned) to add them to your favorites bar.

Icon Projects


The new home for all your team's projects.


Projects Dashboard

The new Projects Dashboard gives you a quick overview of status across all Projects in your Team, and makes it easy to visually organize your projects or workflows.

Project Colors

Since you’re not always feeling blue: Add some color to your Projects to help categorize, communicate status, or just freshen things up a little.

The New Project View

More flexible (and colorful) than ever: The new Project Details view puts everything you need to manage any individual project in one place.

Project Status

See how things are going at-a-glance with the simple project status bar and clear task counts.

Project Attachments

Alongside a rich text project description, you can now share files and attachments relevant to your project.

New Sorting Views

Easily sort task cards by date or owner in the column view— perfect for visualizing different workflows.

Split View

Pop a project into Split View and open Team Workload to assign multiple tasks and due dates with ease.

Project Schedule

In addition to viewing all of a Project’s Tasks as lists or cards, you can now view a dedicated weekly schedule for that project, straight from the Project Details View.

Icon Timelines


Better tools to plan ahead and get visibility into workloads across your organizations.

https://flow.imgix.net/assets/newFeatures/tour-timelines-workloads%402x.png?auto=format%2Ccompress&crop=focalpoint&fit=min&fp-x=0.5&fp-y=0.5&ixlib=php-1.1.0&q=80&w=2800&s=a71775351097de36764d60b7db0e42e4 https://flow.imgix.net/assets/newFeatures/whats-new-timelines-mobile-web%402x.png?auto=format%2Ccompress&crop=focalpoint&fit=min&fp-x=0.5&fp-y=0.5&ixlib=php-1.1.0&q=80&w=1600&s=0645b3c51acdce56d02b6619fb634a9f

Horizontal Project Timelines

Take a bird’s eye view of your team’s projects, and see how they fit together from a high level.

Click and drag to adjust project start and end dates, or drag and drop whole projects to reschedule them. Dive straight into any project to see its tasks or schedule.

Team Workload and Task Timelines

Use the all-new Workload tab to get a view into tasks across groups and levels — from the smallest workgroup to your entire company.

Icon Bigger Teams@2X

Bigger Features for Bigger Teams

Flow was designed for cross-team collaboration, but it just got a whole lot better.

Team Filter

Quickly filter any task or project view in Flow to focus on an individual team or workgroup’s workload, or visualise how multiple groups efforts fit together.



Save tons of time by subscribing entire groups of people to a Task. Then, filter tasks by workgroup to focus on a specific team.

Icon Single Sign@2X

Single Sign-on

Securely deploy Flow to your organization and onboard your entire team with ease.

An All-new Mobile Experience

Completely reimagined: The new Flow for iOS gives you faster, more powerful work management, and team collaboration superpowers on the go.

Download Flow for iOS

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