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WeBuild runs one of the world’s leading product design studios solely on Flow.

“Without Flow, we wouldn’t have the level clarity that we do. It’s been indispensable.”

WeBuild was built by international traveler Evan Shoemaker, who paid his dues across many roles in many continents. He ran a design agency called Wafflehaus Media (“I don’t know why we thought it would be a good idea to name a design agency that”), then moved to Chile to participate in a startup accelerator, followed by 2 years on the West Coast as a Bay Area COO.

Evan’s experience, productivity, knack for team optimization, and understanding of the need for flexibility within a creative environment, carried into his search for a tool that could manage tasks within the 100% distributed client services team. He refused to settle for anything less than what aligned with his high expectations.

At WeBuild, a task list in Flow isn’t just a static group of to-dos: they’re goals for the day, and each team member has the freedom to decide where to focus their energy. In fact, at their daily stand-up, team members share their task lists to give visibility into how they’ve decided to structure their day.

With Flow, at any give time everybody on the team knows what everyone else is commited to. That kind of clarity is critical to the success of our fully remote team.

— Evan Shoemaker, Co-Founder & CEO, Webuild

By introducing even a small amount of self-management into their workflow, the WeBuild team becomes more and more intelligent about how they do their work. “People learn and self-optimize. One day, someone might assign five things to themselves, and get three done. Then the next day, they’ll realize what they can actually get done in a day,” says Evan.

What’s most meaningful about Flow to WeBuild, though, is the focus that it’s brought to the group. It helps their entire team know eactly what they’re priorities are and what tasks, projects, and work, need to get done when. It also keeps them out of common failure modes like being buried under millions of unactionable emails and not having everything their team needs to get work done in one place — because dates, notes, files, and conversations are all over the place in a dozen different apps.

Flow helps our team do better work. One of the core focuses of what we try to do — for ourselves and our clients — is work on the right (hard) things, versus whatever is easiest to get done.

— Evan Shoemaker, Co-Founder & CEO, Webuild

With Flow, teams are able to look beyond day-to-day work, and make key decisions about the prioritization and best use of their time. It gives everyone at WeBuild the power to do meaningful work, and keeps their clients happy. “Without Flow,” says Evan, “I don’t think we would have the level of clarity that we do. It’s been indispensable.”

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