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Persist Digital generates millions in new revenue for their clients using Flow.

“Flow saved us from sending a few million emails and even more messages on Slack.”

At first, the team at Persist Digital used a combination of products like GSuite and Trello to fit all the pieces of project management together. This worked for a while, but over time the need for a powerful and cohesive project management solution grew. “As our team was growing and as we were signing more and more clients, we needed a more wholesome and more flexible solution, with more options.” says Sandra Hayes, Content Strategist for Persist Digital.

When they were introduced to Flow by their CEO, Eric Yildiz, it was exactly what they needed.

Flow saved us from sending a few million emails and even more messages on Slack. Not to mention the time we could have spent on unnecessary meetings.

— Eric Yildiz, CEO, Persist Digital

With a clear view of projects, daily tasks, and individual tasks, Persist was able to better hone their focus. Project timelines in Flow provided an effective way to organize their work throughout the month and avoid scheduling conflicts. They could quickly see the progress every on their team was making by viewing tasks and comments. And task and project notifications in Flow gave them a new level of clarity by receiving updates on work in real-time and the ability to get up to speed any missed notifications in one place.

We often say that we wouldn’t know what to do without Flow. It’s saved us hours per week and so many headaches because we have everything in a single tool, clarity on what everyone is doing, and a constant sense of how we’re tracking against our goals.

— Eric Yildiz, CEO, Persist Digital

It’s not just that Flow has made task management easier for Persist Digital. It changed the way they work. Tasks aren’t merely another item on a list that needs finishing—Persist uses them to brainstorm ideas. Comments and task notes allow the team to have long, inspiring discussions together in one place.

Making the switch to Flow has helped Persist Digital make significant internal changes, too. Flow’s features offer Persist the ability to nurture and grow leaders internally. Team members learn how to manage priorities and set goals. They work more independently, setting up their own tasks, and initiating new projects and assignments. Growth is created from the inside, out.

For their remote team, Flow was exactly what they needed to bring together their work into one organized and manageable space.

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