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Bench helps thousands of businesses take care of accounting with Flow.

“We tried every possible product over the years. Flow is the only tool that ever stuck.”

Bench is both a provider of full-service bookkeeping and a startup with over 200 employees. Those 200 folks know the pains of growing a business.

Well before their triple-digit staff was on board, Bench’s goal was humble — solve just one of these growing pains. “My co-founder convinced the rest of us to pay attention and start caring about the heartache and despair that bookkeeping was causing in the world,” says Bench’s VP of Design, Adam Saint.

By focusing on the community and a pain they understood intimately, Bench is able to see beyond their offering to what they truly provide to their customers: freedom and focus. “The most important thing we do is support people with infrastructure and peace of mind while they pursue their goals,” says Adam.

As Bench gained impressive traction, the ogrish pain of managing tasks and projects emerged. Bench started researching solutions and found Flow just when they needed it most. When Bench’s task management solution was “telepathy, mostly”, they rolled out Flow to a core team of five people.

Flow became Bench’s most dependable way of getting things done across teams.

Flow became the default bridge between groups. If a task involves more than one person and any kind of remote work, Flow is involved.

— Adam Saint, VP of Design, Bench

What was most impressive for Bench, though, was how easily the team felt comfortable in Flow. “If you can’t get your team to agree on a shared system, things will fall apart immediately,” says Adam. “This is the evergreen challenge in collaborative software.”

Adam has made a career out of design, and he noticed that part of what makes Flow so welcoming is the love that’s put into the details. “It’s often not the subject matter of an app that makes it interesting, but rather the people who baked their intentions and style into it,” he says. “Flow is one of those products that has a clear voice and personality. That makes every little interaction slightly more human and enjoyable.”

Flow has grown with Bench as they hired over hundreds of people— well beyond that too-many-people-to-meet point. “For fussy software people,” says Adam, “that’s saying something.”

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