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Flow Features: Workspace Overview

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: October 30, 2013

After launching the new version of Flow, we took a much needed deep breath and jumped right back in. Now, we’re ready to show you the newest feature to Flow, the workspace overview.

Workspace overview

If you are active across different workspaces, you already know that keeping track of all your tasks and deadlines can be tough. The workspace overview creates a unified environment where you can keep an eye on all of the projects you’re involved in without skipping from workspace to workspace to do so.

Getting to the overview

To access the overview space, just click the workspace switcher in the top left corner and select “Overview”.


Here you can view an overview Dashboard, Calendar, and Favorites panel where all your tasks and any tasks you’re subscribed to or have assigned to a teammate will appear. And if you select “Everything” in the overview dashboard, you’ll be live updated on every single activity that goes on in all your workspaces.

Keep tabs on all of your tasks

This is now the best place to get updates on every task you care about. If you want to get thoroughly caught up, the dashboard in the workspace overview is the place to go. It’s especially helpful for managers who need oversight on what’s going on across the company in one simple dashboard.

Understand Priorities

Another helpful view in the workspace overview is the calendar. Here, you can see every single task assigned to you across all of your workspaces by due date–so you don’t miss a deadline again.

Alternatively, in the calendar, you can see everyone’s tasks by due date. This will help you understand the busyness of your team(s) and where their priorities are. It will also help you manage expectations by letting other team’s members know what you’re working on, so that they’re more aware of your overall workload–outside of what they’ve assigned to you.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.