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Team calendar: why is it important?

The Flow TeamLast Updated: November 17, 2022

Do you have team members who are feeling overworked and stretched too thin while others are idling, awaiting their next task or project? Do you know who is currently working on what project and what their schedule looks like? Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your workflow? 

It’s no secret that a flurry of last-minute activity to redistribute tasks or get tasks completed places serious complications on any timeline and can cause delays and create bitterness among team members. A team calendar will help you plan your work more effectively while keeping you up-to-date on everyone’s activity. When your team feels more in control of their work, there’s more room for creativity and collaboration to flourish.

Transparency and accountability as foundations for success

When you’re managing multiple projects and coordinating assignments for team members, two crucial areas need to be addressed for successful project management: transparency and accountability.

Transparency into project progress and accountability for individual team members and project teams is essential for ensuring efficient results. 

Organizations with a clear process in place have 38% more successful projects meeting their specific goals. And not just any system will do. A team calendar tool adds transparency for assigned tasks with multiple viewing options and the ability to organize, sort, drag, drop, and reassign tasks. All of which will ensure greater accountability across your teams. 

With increased visibility comes the opportunity to streamline projects and achieve strategic goals in a timely, effective way. 

Benefits of a team calendar 

organization with a calendar and task management app

Team task calendar and project management software offer clear-cut communications for individual, project, and team member timelines, keeping everyone on track for project completion. 

Team calendars offer the ability for project managers to:

  • Synchronize your team’s schedules and workloads via integration with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (iCal), or Outlook.
  • Proactively manage project timelines, keeping your entire team up to date with clear project timelines. 
  • View schedules by team and individual, allowing you to maintain organized and efficient workloads. 
  • View project tasks by day, week, month, and project timeline so you can see what every team member is working on, at any time.
  • Simply drag, drop, and otherwise organize projects offering greater transparency and balance across team members.
  • Toggle easily between calendars and task management views simplifying workflows.
  • Filter by member, project, or keyword at the top of the dashboard to easily find critical information.
  • Receive reliable notifications that keep priorities straight and ensure team members are on top of tasks.

Workflow management tools with features like team task calendars make it easier for all team members to see who’s assigned to projects, what they are working on, how project tasks are distributed, and when to reassign tasks for a greater workload balance.

Calendar and team task management functionality

A key benefit of integrating a calendar into your task management system is transparency in your work and that of your team. You will also realize several other key functionalities including:

Project management

Project managers need a tool that helps with project planning, tracking, and managing all projects, including various ways to view and coordinate task actions. 

Team lists and boards

To-do checklists or Kanban boards that utilize a simple dashboard help streamline work.

Notes and attachments

Detailed projects require helpful notes, file attachments, and plenty of storage for keeping project tasks and timelines on course. 

Project discussion and comments

The ability to discuss and add comments with information or important links to specific tasks is key to keeping communication flowing.

Create tasks by email

The optional ability to create a task quickly via email is helpful for remote and distributed teams who prefer email.

Built-in chat

A built-in chat feature encourages instant messaging when there are calendar conflicts or immediate project needs. Beyond that, chat channels can be a great team-building tool. It allows team members to chat about more casual topics or subject areas that are of interest.

Tool integration

Remote, distributed, and on-site project members may use many different tools to complete projects. Easily integrate all of the tools your team relies upon within a common calendar and task management system.

Having all of your calendar, task, and project management tools in one centralized place enables you to visualize your entire workflow and focus seamlessly on the project at hand meanwhile keeping the entire team in the loop. 

A modern team calendar solution

A modern team calendar tool helps you view the total scope of your work, ultimately enriching project planning and improving the team’s workflow. When you choose Flow, calendars are integrated into a task management hub, offering complete transparency and accountability.

Flow is a productive tool for viewing, planning, connecting, and executing critical projects. Rather than struggling with a disconnected mix of communication tools for task management, Flow provides your team with a central hub for sharing calendars and critical project information. A team calendar tool with all task management functionalities helps ensure that all of your team members can thrive.

Flow offers a team task calendar tool that offers greater transparency into your projects. Sign up for a free trial today! 

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