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The 4 Best Alternatives

The Flow TeamLast Updated: December 1, 2020

Mondays are never easy! And if you’re working on a Monday (or any other day of the week) with task management software that’s simply not meeting all of your project management and collaboration needs, well, the frustration just amplifies.

The fact of the matter is that there are some well-known problems that exist for using one of the popular platforms,, that may encourage you to seek alternatives. Whether you experience slow speed issues, a 14-day trial that just doesn’t cut it for a steep learning curve, or confusing tiered-level pricing, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself looking for alternative systems without the drawbacks.

Options like Trello, Asana, Teamwork, and Flow all offer alternatives for collaboration, conversation, scheduling, task, and resource management, as well as pricing options. To help you determine the best system for you and your team, here’s a deeper look at and the possible alternatives.

Overview of initially evolved from a spreadsheet, grid-style application. Within the program, you can decide what tasks go into grids and which are added to boards. The program itself is similar to Kanban apps used primarily for simple project management.

While is rather basic, the program itself requires a learning curve that seems too steep for the software’s minimal task management capabilities. also does not offer a built-in chat solution and only supports minimal reporting customization options. That said, here are some of the features that does offer:

  • Collaboration and conversation.’s tasks have an update section enabling users to add notes and reminders.
  • Scheduling. Basic calendar and timeline viewing opportunities.
  • Task management. Centralized task creation via templates and basic task management.
  • Resource management with time tracking and automated notification capabilities.
  • Pricing. Basic: $8/user/month, Standard: $10/user/month, Pro: $16/user/month, or Enterprise: Tiered pricing. For a team of 20, starts @ $199/month for standard functionality. For 16 people, you’ll have to pay for that plan for 20 people. And if you have 60 people on your team, you’ll have to pay for up to 100 users. So, the pricing can be confusing and frustrating.

Because is a basic project management platform with no built-in chat functionality,  limited integration possibilities, and expensive tiered pricing, you may wish to explore some of the alternatives shared below.

Exploring the 4 Best Alternatives

Trello, Asana, Teamwork, and Flow are all potential alternatives. To help you determine which might suit your team best, here’s what you need to know about each of these systems.


Trello is a basic, colorful, and organized project management system that is recommended for basic projects. Trello offers a simple list-making application.

  • Collaboration and conversation. Uses a Slack integration for messaging, as well as a Google Hangouts chat functionality. 
  • Scheduling. Offers power-ups for calendars and the ability to view and filter tasks.
  • Task management. Trello boards can export into a PDF, CVS, or image format for sharing task updates via email.
  • Resource management. Includes the ability for team members to log their time on tasks via a Trello card for time tracking purposes.
  • Pricing. Business: $12.50/user/month; Enterprise: $20.83/user/month.

Trello really works at the simple organization level. But for feature-rich, enterprise applications, it does not provide the capabilities most project managers need. And, it can be expensive. 


Asana is a complex project management system, known for its integration capabilities. Within the program, you can @ mention team members, tag them on projects, and have conversations within project notes.

What you cannot do in Asana is participate in real-time, built-in chat. And the program is highly complex, requiring a steeper learning curve for new and unseasoned users.

  • Collaboration and conversation. Create tasks via Gmail, and because a built-in chat program is not included in Asana, Slack can be integrated.
  • Scheduling. Calendar sharing and syncing are available for projects. 
  • Task management. Ability to set both individual and project to-do lists and prioritize those tasks.  
  • Resource management. You can set, track, and manage resources, as well as view projects and team members via Asana’s integrated software, Float. 
  • Pricing. Billed annually; Premium: $10.99/user/month; Business: $24.99/user/month.

While Asana offers feature-rich integrations for projects, the interface requires a steep learning curve and can be time-consuming, as well as expensive for users.  


Teamwork is a basic project management offering with limited document and file-sharing options. Although its setup is a fairly time-consuming process, Teamwork offers some integrations to help with basic project management needs.

  • Collaboration and conversation. Offers integration with Slack and Gmail.
  • Scheduling. You can track project deadlines, meetings, and holidays, as well as coordinate with your team members online.  
  • Task management. Basic task and subtask assignment capabilities for individual and team projects with some project templates, filter task assignment functionality, and the ability to @ mention team members.
  • Resource management. Built-in time tracker for project tracking and individual team member tracking.
  • Pricing. Pro: $10/month/user; Premium: $18/month/user.

Teamwork works well for simple tasks and subtasks for project management but has a confusing user interface with limited document and file-sharing capabilities.


Flow is an all-in-one intuitive platform with a feature-rich and customizable workspace. Flow is scalable and delivers a cost-efficient model for growing teams. 

Flow provides a built-in chat system for real-time messaging—a feature many platforms do not offer—so there’s no need to rely on an outside messaging app. Although, if you’re a Slack user, you can integrate it into the system.

Whether your team needs to organize calendars, tasks, or share important details for projects, Flow offers a productivity application for teams with a simple learning curve. With this collaborative system, you can start checking off tasks on the first day. Key capabilities include:

  • Collaboration and conversation. Project, individual, and team messaging function built directly into the project management system, as well as integrations with many of your favorite apps like DropBox, Harvest, Slack, and Zapier.
  • Scheduling. Display calendars and timelines for individuals, teams, and projects. 
  • Task management. Detailed task management features for creating and organizing project tasks, adding comments, including files, assigning due dates, and communicating with team members. You can even send reminders about projects.
  • Resource management. Tag team members for assignments by due date and project.
  • Pricing. Basic: $6/mo per user; Plus: $8/user/month; Pro: $10/user/month

Flow is a alternative that provides a comprehensive project and task platform. Flow’s affordable, scalable model offers opportunities for growth and incorporates everything all of the best platforms offer and more. 

Selecting the Right Software Alternative

If Mondays are tough for you, a alternative could help you find more ease with a modern, dynamic collaborative project management platform. 

Integrating the tools your team needs into an intuitive and effective workflow management system ensures that your project management process will make Mondays go much more smoothly. This means your Tuesday through Friday will be more peaceful and productive, too!

Flow provides a feature-rich, all-in-one productive collaborative platform that can help your team get into the groove of a successful workflow. Sign up for a free trial today! 

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