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Small Improvements – May 2018

Jesse HerlitzLast Updated: May 30, 2018

Since the recent release of the all-new Flow, we’ve been listening to your feedback and working on some refinements and improvements to make it a little easier for you and your team to work together.

Faster Group creation

Organizing your team’s projects into groups is essential to staying on top of your team’s work in Flows’ Project Dashboard, so we made it a little bit easier.


All-new Project setup workflow

When it comes to project management, setting yourself (and your team) up for success is key. We’ve redesigned the Project setup workflow to make this a little easier.


Alongside choosing who can access a project, and choosing a default view (list or cards), when creating a new project you can now: easily create default sections (To Do, In Progress, Needs Review, and Done) to kickstart your workflow, add your new Project to Group, and choose a Project color.

Workgroup filtering in Project view

This is one for larger teams working on bigger projects. You can now filter tasks by user, Workgroup or keyword.


Bold type is now bolder

Finally, some huge news: Readability across browsers is important, and bold text in Task Comments and Notes was falling a little short for some users. So, bolder text is here, and we think you’re going to love it.

Coming Soon

We’re working on some big new features, too, including task start dates, which add a whole new layer to project and resource planning.

Sneak Peek Start Dates Dark@2X

Task start dates are coming soon to Flow

Want to get early access? Sign up for the Flow beta program, and watch this space.