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Small Improvements – August 2018

Jesse HerlitzLast Updated: July 30, 2018

This week we shipped a few small improvements to make it a little easier for you to plan ahead and keep your team’s tasks organized. We’re also putting the finishing touches on the all-new Flow iOS app, and are looking for beta testers.

The Done Section

Trying to find or review all of a project’s completed tasks can be daunting — especially in larger projects with dozens (or hundreds!) of tasks. It’s also easy to forget to manually move completed tasks to a “Done” or “Completed” section, if your workflow relies on it.

The new Done section makes this a lot easier by automating this step of your workflow management: When enabled, completed tasks are now automatically grouped together for easier discovery and general safe keeping.

Done Section@2X

In any project, at any time, you can designate any section as smart:

  • ‘Make default’ = the default destination for all new project tasks
  • ‘Make done’= the automatic destination for all completed project tasks
Project Sections Toggle

By default, all new projects feature several sections: To-do (default), In Progress, Needs Review, and Done.

Smart sections are totally optional, though: If you have grander plans — or your team uses a different workflow or process — you can disable these when creating a project.

Important Note: If your tasks clear automatically, this functionality won’t be available until you change a setting for your team(s). Have an Owner on your team head over to the main menu, select People & Teams, click the “” next to the team you’d like to try this feature out on, and set Clear Completed Tasks Manually to On.

Scrolling calendar views in Task Profiles

Back, by popular demand: Full, scrolling calendars are now available in your Task Profiles. Having access to a full calendar view here makes it easier to plan farther ahead and see multiple weekly workloads in one view.

Calendar Scroll Compressor

Add more favorites to the Projects & Tasks sections

Technically a small update, but possibly a huge one for you (if you use favorites): We’ve increased the maximum number of favorites in Flow’s menu bar from 4 to 10.

Moar Favorites

This means you can now favorite:

  • Up to 10 Task Profiles or Task Filters in the Tasks section
  • Up to 10 Teams in the Projects section
New Flow I Os Teaser

Wanted: Beta testers for the all-new Flow for iOS

If you use Flow on your iPhone, listen up: We’re gearing up to release a completely new iOS app — redesigned from the ground up to be a better companion to the new Flow for web and desktop, and we’re looking for users to help us beta test it.

Want to get early access? Sign up here →

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