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Ranking Small Team Project Management Software

The Flow TeamLast Updated: October 27, 2020

When you have a close-knit project team that enjoys working together in the most collaborative way possible, it’s important to have the right small team project management software to support a successful workflow. A reliable and seamless tool will have, at minimum, calendar functionalities, app integration capabilities, file sharing, and built-in chat.

You may have a fully in-office team, a remote team with folks distributed all over the world, or a mix of both. Every type of team has specific requirements for app integration when it comes to client and project-based needs. Your team, no matter the size, deserves the best small team project management software with a feature-rich offering, centralized dashboard, comprehensive task management capabilities, and multiple workflow options. Here’s a guide to selecting the tool that will fit your team’s needs best.

Ranking Small Team Project Management Software

When comparing small team project management software, it’s important to evaluate key features, price, design, and any limitations that could potentially hinder productivity or project success.

We’ve compared five options below. While some systems are more all-in-one and intuitive than others, we will start with the most basic leading to the most feature-rich and dynamic of the five productivity software offerings.

Beginning with Todoist, Teamwork, and Trello, you will notice that these tools are primarily for basic project management and organization, and are not necessarily designed for high-end project management and collaboration on projects. Wrike is a bit more advanced, and Flow offers a feature-rich solution.

-Basic task management
-File sharing
-Basic chat app

Pricing Plans:
-Tiered; varies based on number of projects and users

Simple, straightforward with basic organizational and project management capabilities.
-Task lists
-Project time tracking
-Document management

Pricing Plans:
-Pro $10/mo
-Premium plan $18/mo

Basic, practical software, limited display options, simple project management tools.
-Power-ups for calendars and custom fields
-Some third-party integration
-Basic scheduling and progress tracking

Pricing Plans:
-Business-class $12.50/mo
-Enterprise $20.83/mo per user for more features

Basic scheduling tool, colorful and organized, best for basic project management and not recommended for complex projects
-Task management
-Calendar integration available with the Business plan and more expensive solution only
-Reporting available with the Business plan only
-Templates for the Business plan only

Pricing Plans:
-Professional $9.80/mo per user -5,10, 15 users
-Business $24.80/mo per user – 5-200 users

Basic dashboard with minimal task and sub- management capabilities, especially for the professional level; to acquire more features, teams will need to pay for the Business-level pricing
-Multiple workflow options for projects, teams, and meaningful collaboration
-All-in-one solution with feature-rich task management, calendar, and collaboration options
-Robust chat tool
-Powerful integration capabilities

Pricing Plans:
-Basic $6/mo per user
-Plus $8/mo per user
-Pro $10/mo per user

Intuitive, well-designed, and interactive dashboard. Feature-rich and highly customizable to suit the unique needs of small teams.

Teamwork, Todoist, and Trello offer basic small team project management solutions but have limited features. Wrike has more feature-rich offerings, but only at a higher, business-level pricing. These four tools simply do not offer the productivity solutions that Flow can provide your small team at an affordable cost. 

Scaling into Growth and Productivity Mode

Your small team might not always be small, and you could soon be ready to scale and grow. Flow provides a scalable, affordable, and intuitive solution with an attractive dashboard and all of the tools you need in an all-in-one project management system.

Flow’s offering is not a basic solution. It’s a modern, small team project management software with feature-rich task management and calendar options, multiple workflow capabilities, a powerful chat tool, as well as comprehensive app integrations. Whatever size your team is, and wherever its members are located, the right software solution can support productivity and collaboration as your team strives to meet its goals.

Flow provides an all-in-one collaborative small team project management software with a simple setup so your team can start checking off tasks right away. Sign up for a free trial today!

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