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Organize All Your Project’s Details with Project Notes

Mark NicholsLast Updated: June 6, 2016

Your projects in Flow are way more than just places to go and dump tasks: they’re what keeps your team organized and focused. And probably, to some extent, they’re what keeps your team sane.

To really make the most of your projects, though, you’ve gotta rally everyone around an idea, and make sure that everyone understands the driving force behind the work. Once you do that, it’s crucial to gather all those important, central details of the project and keep them visible. Otherwise, we might wander off track.

Whether you’re giving your team a heartfelt motivational speech to kick off your project, or just giving them clear instructions which can be referred to (and changed!) later, you can do it now using Project Notes.


Project Notes live right in your project’s header, and help everyone immediately understand what’s important and essential to a project. A note can include files, or it can just be a plain ol’ written description. And since a project’s objectives and goals can often change midway through, you can update a project note at any time.

What you put in your project note right off the bat is totally up to you. You can paint a grand vision, and let people figure out the direction…


…Or your can deliver all the details straight-up, and people can get to work right away.

When used this way, the Project Note can serve as a project hub: a single place that holds all the vital details of any project.

Whatever you decide, Project Notes are an important part of starting things off right, and making sure your team doesn’t lose focus throughout a potentially long and winding project.

We hope it’s another step towards giving your team even more direction and clarity around their work.

Project Notes are live on web, iOS, and Android right now! Go try it out.