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Product Updates for January 2021

The Flow TeamLast Updated: February 16, 2021

After an incredible 2020, the Flow team is back to kick off 2021 with a round-up of new features. Since December, we’ve shipped 4 brand new features and many fixes and improvements. Some of the highlights include inline editing, Flow Solo, and a toggle for task metadata. Read on for all the details!

Check out everything new on the Changelog

Embrace change with Inline Editing 

Making updates to tasks and subtasks just got a whole lot easier. The latest updates to inline editing allow you to change task and subtask due dates and assignee with a single click. You can also delete, duplicate and convert subtasks to tasks while viewing their parent task, and paste a list to quickly create subtasks in bulk. 

Strike out on your own with Flow Solo

Flow has always been great for teams, but now it’s equally great for individuals. With Flow Solo, we’ve jettisoned all the team-specific functionality while retaining the intuitive design and powerful features of Flow to help enterprising individuals do better work. Read all about it here.


More details at a glance with Task Metadata

With a simple toggle, you can instantly learn more about your tasks. Just click “Show” in the Tasks view and toggle on Task metadata to see info about what team, project and section the task is in, as well as quick options to bookmark or follow tasks you want to keep an eye on.  

Notable Improvements

On top of these features, we also spent some time on improvements that users just like you (or maybe it was you) requested. The two we’re proudest of are:

  • Onboarding for invitees – We spent some time updating the the onboarding process for users who were invited to existing Flow organizations so it was clearer they were being welcomed into an already well-oiled machine and not building one themselves.
  • App Alerts for Failed Uploads – Everyone loves a success message, but we can learn a lot from errors as well. This month the team updated the app alert that lets you know when an attachment fails to upload because it exceeds the 100MB limit. Lesson learned!

A lot of what we build starts as a simple request from Flow users, so if you have a feature you’d love to see us build next, head over to our feedback board to share it. We’re particularly interested in requests for our Public API these days, so if you currently use it (or want to start) let us know how we can make that experience even better.

See it all in action in Flow X

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