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New Support Centre

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: June 17, 2011

When we first launched Flow, we were not prepared for the amount of thoughtful discussion on our forums nor the amount of time we’d end up investing in supporting our community.

So we recently hired a full-time support person to triage our support requests and inquiries as well as rebuild and expand our knowledge base articles. On top of the new hire, we’ve also done away with Tender in favour of the more robust and customizable, Assistly. It has made supporting our users so much easier and allowed us to completely redesign our Support Centre.

This new support centre focuses more on our knowledge base and on centralizing our feature requests so everyone knows what we’re working on and where we’re headed.

Unfortunately, this meant closing down our old support centre, and thus, our past discussions. Don’t worry, though: we still listened to all of your suggestions, and are working hard at improving Flow.

We know you’ll all enjoy the new Support Centre and hope the discussions continue. Most importantly, with the new documentation and support system, you’ll be able to get help easier and quicker than before: Go check it out!.