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The New

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: February 1, 2012

It’s pretty rewarding to watch one of your designs evolve from a rough idea in the back of someone’s brain to a full-blown site or app. Like watching your kid grow up, develop a personality, and head off into the world, you can’t help but feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. And when the project is personal, the feeling is just that much sweeter.


Which is why it’s with great pride that we’d like to introduce you to the new, improved, and beautifully re-imagined Flow site. By bringing in new features like user stories and a way more in-depth tour section—not to mention a pixel-perfect redesign led by Flow’s product director Luke Seeley—we think it does a great job of communicating to people just how much Flow has to offer, both in terms of function and form.

Go check it out, have a look around, and feel free to give us your feedback anytime. We’d love to hear what you think.

– The Flow Team