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How to Choose the Best Workflow Management Software for Your Team

The Flow TeamLast Updated: January 26, 2021

Decisions, decisions. We face them at every twist and turn in life, and project managers are tasked daily with making significant decisions about how to manage their team’s workloads most effectively. 

Picture this, you have multiple assignments in progress and all are due around the same time. Then, an emergency task pops up that you must prioritize. For a project leader managing multiple teams, how do you view the comprehensive workload, assign, reassign, and keep each project on course for successful, on-time completion?

If this feeling is familiar to you, it’s likely that another decision you need to make will be about what workflow management software to use.

So what makes a good platform stand out? How do you choose the best option to meet your team’s growing task management and workflow needs? Let’s delve into the features and what you should look for when making these critical decisions.

How to Choose the Best Workflow Management Software

Choosing the best team communication and workflow management system begins with looking at platforms that contribute to ease of use. Here’s what to look for in the most important features:

  • User Interface: A clean, attractive, intuitive interface
  • Tool and App Integration: Integration with the most popular team tools 
  • Built-In Chat/Messaging: Direct, project, and team instant messaging 
  • Task Management: Assign project tasks with due dates, times, assignee names, notes, and reminders
  • Project Organization: Multiple ways to view and organize projects including list, kanban, calendar, and timeline
  • Calendar Integration: New calendars of individual, project, and team members to determine workload balance
  • News Feeds: Method to quickly inform team members of important project updates 
  • Sorting and Filtering: Simple sorting and filtering allowing you to organize and prioritize projects
  • Cloud-Based File Storage: Store documents and file attachments in the cloud for your projects

Now that you’ve reviewed the top attributes of an effective workflow management software, you may be asking, why is using a workflow platform even necessary?

The Need for an Intuitive Workflow Platform

A workflow management software platform is necessary when you want to link all of your projects together into one intuitive, integration-friendly system.

An easy-to-use interface for all of your task and project management, calendar and timeline, resource management, and internal team and individual chat messaging make for an uncomplicated, simplified design. Elements that are essential in everyday project task management include:

  • Project templates for duplicating projects and for quickly creating new projects.
  • Real-time notifications and distraction-free settings such as muting conversations for project focus
  • Project and resource tracking capabilities for tagging team members and assignments by due date, project name, and status or priority.

Scalability and evolution of the system to accommodate new users will prepare your organization for growth. And implementing this system with simplified pricing ensures that you are not only set with all of the functionality you need, but also are equipped with an efficient workflow management platform and future cost savings.

Implementing the Best System

What makes a useful software program for growing teams? 

Perhaps your team is motivated to take on even more challenging projects. Maybe you’re aiming to guide the market conversation as a thought leader. In any case, you need the best workflow management software to boost your team’s productivity.

The right software offers all the features mentioned in the table above, as well as pricing that works for any size team. Flow offers cost-effective and scalable pricing:

  • Pricing. Basic: $6/mo per user; Plus: $8/user/month; Pro: $10/user/month 
  • Free Trial. Flow offers a free trial with a simple sign up and no hidden requirements.

Project managers make decisions every day that affect task outcomes. Implementing Flow as your workflow management system could very well be the best decision you and your team make for your future project success.

Flow provides a scalable and feature-rich workflow management software with a simple setup so your team can start checking off tasks right away. Sign up for a free trial today.

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