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How to Choose Project Management Tools for Creatives and Design Teams

The Flow TeamLast Updated: April 16, 2020

Project management for creative teams can be both wonderful and frustrating. Creative professionals can produce amazing work that knocks your clients’ socks off—but their creative process often requires individualized ways of working. That’s when things get complicated, and managers themselves have to get creative to make sure everyone’s work gets done on time. 

Creative people need inspiration, while project managers need organization. So how can the two find balance? By using project management tools for creatives and management that can make collaboration run more smoothly for your entire team. A simple online workspace with diverse features makes it easier for your team to create quality deliverables on-time, even if you serve many clients. Here’s what to look for in an all-in-one productivity platform.

Finding the Best Project Management Tools for Creatives and Management

Visibility that Doesn’t Disrupt Workflow

The best project management tools for creatives are ones that enable people to coordinate work without feeling like someone’s watching over their shoulder. In short, they offer visibility without being intrusive. These solutions accommodate a variety of working styles and make it easy to track the progress of large numbers of client accounts. And this last capability, in particular, is very important if you plan on growing your business or creative department.

Beautiful Virtual Spaces

Creative teams need a solution with a clean, appealing display that reduces visual clutter. This makes it easier to organize and track projects when juggling a high volume of  clients, and is a detail you’ll come to love on busy days when projects are due. It’s also no secret that most creatives appreciate well-designed and eye-pleasing interfaces that inspire both focus and creativity

An All-In-One Platform

Look for an all-in-one productivity platform that makes management’s job easier, too! One that makes checking in with creatives and designers simple, yet doesn’t interrupt their workflow. Because no one can work when they feel like they’re being watched; and creative professionals in particular need breathing room to try out different ideas.

There are platforms out there that strike this delicate balance between both parties’ needs within a single solution. With project visibility, organization, and the ability to send feedback, the best tools on the market help project managers raise a team’s productivity and hit key objectives. The right online workspace will benefit everyone on your team.. And that means finding a solution that encompasses all the right features. 

The Project Management Features Your Creative Team Needs 

By definition, an all-in-one productivity platform has every feature you need to manage projects and collaborate with your creative team. For instance, an effective platform offers a timeline view that enables you to envision when a project will be done. And with the ability to file share and the capability to work on iterative design, your team will always meet project deadlines.

The all-in-one platform you choose for your creative teams should enable you to:

  • Take an overhead view and track initiatives with a project dashboard
  • Plan by day, week, or month and see project status at a glance. 
  • Search and filter to examine any item, from an entire project to an individual’s workload
  • Develop a plan for any kind of project using timeline views
  • Review, organize, and prioritize your team’s workload
  • Manage workloads using task lists, visual cards or with a calendar
  • Track your to-do list or any teammate’s workload
  • Balance workloads and manage resources
  • View team member availability by week or month
  • Re-assign tasks and rebalance workloads with just a few clicks
  • Keep discussions on topic by providing a venue for each conversation, which raises accountability
  • Stay in control by receiving notifications, new tasks or comments 
  • Access all of your team’s work, projects, and tasks within a single collaborative workspace

By utilizing a project management tool that offers all of these features, your team of designers and creatives can keep projects on-schedule and meet all critical deadlines. Without an all-in-one productivity platform, you’d need several apps to get all of this functionality, and there’s no guarantee those apps would integrate well together. For your creative and design teams to flourish, it’s time to keep it simple. It’s time for an intuitive project management tool that does it all, and does it beautifully. 

Get More Work Done with Intuitive Project Management Tools

When given the right tools, good project managers bring out the best in creative professionals. And those same tools help creative people keep up with their workloads and become more productive.

An all-in-one online workspace gives your people the tools needed to spend less time managing, and more time doing. The best project management tools for creative teams offer a clean, easy-to-read display that helps them stay focused and on-task. They also give management visibility and control over shared tasks, enabling them to monitor task progression without being intrusive. You get a flexible project management tool that adapts to how every member of your team works and makes collaboration easier. Your team gets the autonomy they need to let the creativity flow. 

Flow offers creative and design teams a beautiful, virtual space to help them navigate their projects, deadlines, and team communication, turning project management into a seamless aspect of their creative process. From start to finish, it’s the most efficient and intuitive way to manage any project. Here’s how you can get started now.

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