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How Productivity Software Benefits Teams from All Industries

The Flow TeamLast Updated: August 19, 2020

Modern productivity software can benefit your team in more ways than you might expect. And you don’t have to work in an upstart tech firm to reap those benefits. Product designers, marketing managers, and bookkeepers can all increase productivity with the right tool. And once workloads become more manageable, team members are bound to experience improved motivation and job satisfaction.

If you’re on the fence about whether productivity software will support your team, don’t worry—even if you’re a small firm, a non-profit, or you work in a niche market. After you see some of the unexpected ways these platforms can make a difference in your team’s work, the possible advantages will become more clear.

Unexpected Productivity Software Benefits

Some of the more obvious benefits of productivity software include simplified task management and overall project visibility, especially with versatile views like Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and shared team calendars. These features help to streamline workflow for greater team success all around.

But there are other advantages to productivity software that you may not have on your radar yet to help your team be more effective. We’ve outlined what those are below.

Seamless Access to Resources Frees Time and Attention

One of the key features of productivity software that small, mid-sized, and large teams benefit from is having a centralized hub for storing and accessing resources. Having one place where all files can be found quickly reduces the potential for wasting time and cognitive energy. And this frees your team to focus on the work they set out to do each day. It also creates a space in which new ideas have room to percolate and the inspiration gains momentum. 

For your software to be truly effective, however, integrations with other file storage apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox are helpful to have. If your team already loves to use Google and Microsoft tools, single sign-on is important as well. And the ability to share all available resources within tasks, on team calendars, and in chat channels is critical. To make access to all team resources that much easier, you’ll also need a powerful search tool.

Sustained Collaboration Creates a Sense of Belonging 

Another benefit of productivity software is that it provides a platform for sustained collaboration. And when team members can engage in collaborative work with their peers—even if the entire team is remote—it fosters a sense of belonging. This is crucial in the development of a positive company culture. Everyone wants to feel that they are a part of something bigger and that they play an essential role in the success of others.

Tools that create, and fuel, this kind of connectivity include communication apps, like Slack. But conversations will be even more streamlined if a chat tool is built-in. And it’s an added benefit if your platform is cloud-based. Whether your team is remote or not, online software promotes communication, collaboration, and easy access to resources.

A Customized Workspace Honors Independence

Though not all productivity platforms are customizable, it’s helpful to have one that is. When you can create custom plugins and webhooks, the software operates like it belongs to the team. If each team member’s workspace can be modified to their liking as well, they will feel that the system does more than manage projects—it actually supports their individual workstyles. 

Unique themes and colors definitely help with customization. But your team should be able to personalize communication notifications, project updates, and to-dos from their preferences, too. The ability to bookmark what’s important to the navbar also goes a long way towards honoring individual workflows. And teams across industries feel more dedicated to their work if they also feel that their unique preferences and strengths are respected.

All Teams Can Benefit from Inclusive Software 

With an all-in-one platform, productivity software benefits are not industry-specific. Each team can reap the benefits in the ways that are most important to them. This is especially good to keep in mind if you think your team is too small, complex, or specialized. Workloads can always be streamlined and the work ecosystem can be made more enjoyable. And an intuitive, beautiful, all-in-one platform makes these improvements possible.

If the software is also scalable, you’ve got one less thing to worry about. As projects, clients, even team members come and go, you can shift your software needs up and down. With a lot less admin to juggle and less stress on your team, people will naturally find more intrinsic meaning in their work—no matter what they do, where they do it, or how.

With Flow, your team can achieve more at work and feel more deeply connected to the process. Whether you lead an ad agency, church, or accounting firm, your team will love all the benefits the software provides. Try it for free today!

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