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Some Light Holiday Reading From TMT

Harmonie SpaldingLast Updated: December 22, 2015


Ian, iOS Developer
The Cook and the Chef: Musk’s Secret Sauce

“I got hooked on the meanderings of Wait But Why early in the year thanks to an ultra-long 2-part post about AI, and this 4-part post on Elon Musk is a must-read. Focusing on the personality quirks of an insanely talented person, Tim Urban breaks down the decision-making process of Elon Musk and turns it into a machine to be poked and prodded. I found myself saying ‘I totally do that’ and ‘I’m glad I don’t do that’ and ‘I wish I could do that’ while reading the article. It’s a great piece of writing that focuses on the self-reflection that we should all strive for, whether we’re ultra-successful entrepreneurs, or just a party-of-one trying to pay the bills.”

Rose, Web Development Lead
Everything is Broken

“In the back of my mind, I always knew that computer security is a joke, but this article breaks it down point-by-point and illustrates just how vulnerable we all are. And I find it fascinating because our society has become so reliant on this very precariously perched system that can be exploited at any time, yet we all just collectively choose to ignore it and continue to do our banking and online shopping and storing of personal information without a second thought. It seems like only a matter of time before something really devastating happens that makes us all realize what a horrible mistake we’ve made.”

Mark, Editorial Director

“David Heinemeier Hansson is tech’s voice of reason. Everything he writes has me nodding my head in complete agreement. In this post, he asks that most fundamental of questions: why do you startup? There are noble reasons to start a business, and much of tech is trending away from them in frightening fashion. When DHH talks, you listen.”

Cyrus, Marketing Director
The Transparency Trap

“With all the talk of organizational openness, it’s easy to forget how privacy can drive innovation.”

Jeremy, VP Business Development
10,000 Hours with Reid Hoffman: What I Learned

“In this post, Ben Casnocha outlines the 16 most useful takeaways he’s learned over 10,000 hours as Reid Hoffman’s Chief of Staff. Though they vary in specificity and applicability, they have all either opened my eyes to a new perspective, or have expanded an existing concept I’ve struggled to eloquently summarize.”

Cameron, Content Marketing Manager:
The Agency

“It’s the story that gave me a newfound respect and disrespect for Internet trolls. It’s the story that made me realize that not all trolls are created equal. I’ve always envisioned them as angry keyboard warriors fueled by an endless cocktail of equal parts ignorance and emotion. But as Adrian Chen wrote for The New York Times, ‘…the Internet Research Agency had industrialized the art of trolling.’ He explored the real lives of professional trolls in St. Petersburg, Russia, and the dramatic way in which they disrupted small communities and even global news organizations.”



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