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Happy Birthday, Flow!

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: March 21, 2012

On March 21, 2011, we published a post announcing Flow for the first time, describing it as “the place where everything you need to get done comes together.” Hard to believe it, but here we are, one year later. Flow’s first birthday.

Since that launch, we’ve gotten a lot done, and more than a few things have come together. We’ve released a ton of features and updates, over 110,000 people have used Flow to work and collaborate, close to three million tasks have been created, and we’ve helped teams in over 50 countries turn their good ideas into great results.

It’s been a big year. To celebrate, and to say thank-you, we’re giving away a free year of Flow to 10 of our friends. Just give us a birthday shout-out on Facebook or Twitter to qualify for the giveaway.

Thanks again for an incredible year.

The Flow Team

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