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Flow vs. Asana: Choosing the Best Project Management Software for Your Team

The Flow TeamLast Updated: December 22, 2020

Thomas Edison once shared, “good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets planning.” While this is certainly true in most cases, what if you are in the midst of choosing the best task and project management software platform for your team? When comparing two powerful options like Flow vs. Asana, there are multiple considerations that go into finding the right system to suit your particular needs. 

While both platforms offer a variety of tools, there are some to closely consider, such as built-in chat messaging opportunities. Asana does not enable team members to participate in real-time chat, and the program is highly complex, requiring a serious learning curve for new and unseasoned users. You will also need to decipher task management training needs and how Asana will support new users of this system. 

When evaluating details like chat and communication features, as well as the overall intuitive nature and simplicity of the interface, the importance of onboarding efficiency and successful implementation of each system is a top concern.

Flow vs. Asana: Choosing the Best Project Management Platform

When it comes to project team communication, the first and most critical step to achieving exceptional results is to carefully choose the best project management software based on your team’s needs. When comparing Flow vs. Asana, we’ll start with Asana due to its highly complex nature.

While Asana offers multiple integration opportunities and the ability to share tasks, subtasks, and organize project details, it does not offer a built-in chat option and the system design can often be overwhelming for first-time new users.


Asana is a highly-recognized project planning app and collaboration tool. Although its system functionality is plentiful, it’s simply not the easiest or most convenient to learn. Asana also does not include integrated chat messaging or real-time communication options, but its key features do include:

  • Project view options for visualizing teamwork on boards, via lists, or on calendars. 
  • Task creation via Gmail or within Asana.
  • To-do-lists for individuals and projects.
  • Various report formatting options including portfolio and timeline.
  • Privacy and admin permissions rights for project managers.
  • App and tool integration of various common communication programs.
  • Unlimited file storage by account, with individual limits at 100MB.
  • Pricing is billed annually. Premium: $10.99/user/month; Business: $24.99/user/month; Enterprise: pricing is not disclosed.

A primary concern with Asana is that the layout itself is very busy and can negatively impact team collaboration as a result. It’s also quite expensive when compared to other project management software options.


Flow is a feature-rich, cloud-based project management platform with a beautiful and customizable interface. The cost is affordable for most teams and it is simple enough to pick up on the first day. Flow also offers a robust built-in chat system for real-time messaging—a feature that Asana does not provide.

Flow enables teams to create and organize recurring tasks, integrate calendars, and easily share significant project details. 

Features of this collaborative task management system include: 

  • Built-in project, individual, and team messaging functions.
  • A modern design with customizable lists, kanban boards, and calendar formats.
  • Integrations with many of your favorite cloud storage, time-tracking, and automation apps like Dropbox, Harvest, Slack, and Zapier. 
  • Calendar viewing and scheduling for individuals, teams, and projects. 
  • Task management with the ability to create and organize project details, add comments, files, and due dates. 
  • Tagging team members for assignments on tasks and sharing reminders when necessary.
  • Secure cloud-based file storage that is easy to access.
  • Multiple workflow options for projects and teams, encouraging meaningful communication.
  • Straightforward pricing. Basic: $6/user/month; Plus: $8/user/month; Pro: $10/user/month.

Flow offers an excellent solution to overcoming Asana’s complexity and learning curve, with built-in chat to boot. It is affordable, scalable, and presents a clear team growth opportunity.

Advantages of a Feature-Rich and Intuitive Interface Design

When evaluating Flow vs. Asana for the most feature-rich, streamlined project management process, Flow ticks all the boxes. With an intuitive, customizable interface, you will enjoy having all of the critical tools at your fingertips.

Flow’s centralized dashboard simplifies the otherwise complex nature of project management. A modern solution with calendar and workflow viewing, Flow offers a powerful chat tool, as well as comprehensive application and tool integration.

When opportunity meets planning, you just need the right project management solution. Flow enables teams to better complete projects on time, every time. 

Flow provides an all-in-one collaborative project management software platform with a simple setup so your team can start checking off tasks right away. Get started with a free trial today!

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