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Flow Welcomes Jesse Lupini & Martin Rechsteiner

Luke SeeleyLast Updated: January 17, 2012

We’re excited to welcome two fantastic new people to the Flow team: Martin Rechsteiner and Jesse Lupini.


Martin has come to us straight from the wilds of Norway (Trondheim) and will be helping Luke out with all things design. When not making things look so good you want to burst into tears and then submerge yourself in a bath of ice water, he can be found darning his trademark scarf or wandering the streets trying not to look lost. His impressions of life at MetaLab so far? “Superawesome.”


Jesse will be focusing on the development side of things as our new Front-end Developer. He hasn’t travelled as far to be here (he’s from Vancouver) and he doesn’t speak with an exotic accent, but that doesn’t mean we like him any less. Jesse’s coming from an extensive background in UX design, so we’re excited to get him working on everything we’ve got planned for Flow this year. And he’s also an international salsa dancer, which should come in handy around the office.

Welcome to Flow, guys!