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Instantly Assign Tasks to People You Invite

Harmonie SpaldingLast Updated: October 21, 2014

Up to now, when you invited somebody to Flow, you had to wait for them to sign up before you could assign them tasks. This meant that tasks needed to be held somewhere else in the interim, which meant that they would probably be missed and never completed.

This was a big annoyance, and we’ve changed it.


Now, you can assign tasks to somebody immediately after inviting them. As soon as they sign up, their work will be waiting. This should make getting up and running with Flow a lot easier: create your workspaces, invite your team, assign them tasks, and you’re done. No more waiting for everyone to get set up before you can structure your work.

We’ve also added some other features along way:

  • You can now log in with any of your confirmed email addresses
  • The People page shows you who hasn’t accepted their invitation and lets you send them reminders
  • Anyone you invite will receive daily email notifications of the tasks you assign them


As with any change, let us know what you think. Leave a comment here, ask for help at, or suggest changes on our feedback forum.