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Catch Up for Android and Some Small Improvements

Jesse HerlitzLast Updated: April 12, 2017

We know Flow users everywhere rely on Catch Up every day, so we’re pleased to announce that it’s now available on Android, too!

New in Flow Tasks for Android

  • Catch Up is the easiest way to quickly get caught up on what you missed, and what your team has been working on, from your Android device.
  • Use the Catch Up tab to quickly review notifications (handily grouped by type). Swipe right to dismiss notifications.
  • Check out the Review tab for a historical view of all of your notifications, which you can refer to any time you’d like.
  • Google Sign lets you sign in using your Google Account.

Catch Up is available now in Flow Tasks on the Google Play Store →

And, as always, we’ve been listening to your feedback and working on some small improvements to the core Flow web experience, too:

Download images straight from the lightbox

“Do you have any plans to add a download button for images and graphics? This would be a AWESOME feature for my graphics/design/videographer team :)”

This was a no-brainer that makes things a little easier for all those teams using Flow to share graphics and visual assets.

Flow Search now remembers your ‘recent’ or ‘relevant’ preference 

“It would be great if we can set our default search settings for tasks to be “recent” instead of “relevance” I almost always click recent. Thanks!”

This one will hopefully save a lot of folk a few clicks.

Have feedback or thoughts? Head over to our feedback forum or send a quick email to We love working with you to make Flow better.