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3 Ways to Improve Teamwork at Your Company

The Flow TeamLast Updated: December 8, 2020

What does the word “teamwork” mean to you? Maybe it conjures up memories of nightmarish group projects in school, or perhaps the icebreakers, ropes courses, or other cheesy team building exercises you may have done at company retreats in the past. And perhaps now, as a team leader or project manager, you are thinking about how to translate a better idea of teamwork into a changing landscape where remote work and virtual collaboration are becoming cornerstones of business.

The global team collaboration software market is, in fact, expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.7% in the next several years. Valued at $9.5 million in 2019, the market size and growth represents the increasing need for collaborative teamwork and virtual project management. What does this mean for companies? It means that teamwork needs to take on a new form with the integration of collaboration and centralized communication tools that can support digital teamwork.

We’ve shared 3 of the key ways to improve teamwork and synergize your teams in this article. Whether you’re currently working with a project and task management platform or looking at options, a renewed sense of unity and cohesive team culture can keep your team collaborating at the highest level, and hopefully make those memories of awful group projects mere relics of the past.

3 Ways to Improve Teamwork at Your Company

Improving teamwork and ensuring teams are working in proactive rather than reactive ways can include:

Integrating a project and task management app with a centralized dashboard that can heighten your team collaboration and productivity, and dynamically boost team efforts by allowing team members to:

  • Create, assign, and set tasks, whether one-time or recurring
  • Set task start dates, due dates and times
  • Create tasks via email (or within the app to eliminate email hassles altogether)
  • Capture to-do lists in a simplified way
  • Add comments with information or important links to specific tasks 
  • Share files and documents, including Google Drive attachments

Incorporating real-time, engaging communication tools to keep your team members in the loop and support one another across multiple projects and time zones by:

  • Using a built-in direct messaging chat for teams
  • Integrating calendars and timelines
  • Toggling easily between calendars and task management views, simplifying workflows
  • Integrating other communication tools your teams use like Slack, Harvest, or OneDrive

Allowing project managers to view current team tasks as well as:

  • Receiving real-time notifications on tasks
  • Sorting and filtering task lists and project boards
  • Visualizing team or individual calendars, timelines, task lists, and projects
  • Setting team members and project managers as followers on tasks to keep up to speed on progress
  • Auditing tasks by viewing the history of any changes
  • Flagging tasks requiring your team’s immediate attention
  • Customizing branding and views

A calendar and task management app that offers a true spirit of community brings real-time collaboration and a more cohesive sense of unity.

Creating a Sense of Community and Synergy

Developing a unified company culture—even when your teams are virtual—is critical for creating a sense of community and synergy for any project team.

There’s a fine line between interdependence and team success. Employees working remotely must be kept in the loop about task and project information.

Achieving success for teams with dispersed project team members requires greater communication and collaboration opportunities. A global collaboration app can provide the seamless integration your teams need. And you can view project and tasks management tools from an all-in-one project dashboard.

Team Collaboration and Teamwork for a New Era

Now that you know some of the key ways to improve teamwork and that the global team collaboration software market continues to thrive and grow, it’s time to start thinking about which software can keep your team striving for greatness.

Flow’s task management app works in conjunction with your task management tools, as well as your calendars, serving as a central hub for viewing and managing project and task information. It’s a task and project management solution that can improve teamwork for in-office, semi-remote, and virtual teams alike. With technology that’s just the right fit, your modern team can find its rhythm—no awkward team building exercises in stuffy conference rooms required!

Flow provides an all-in-one collaborative project management platform with a simple setup so your team can start checking off tasks right away. Try it free today!

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