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10 project management courses to upgrade your skills

NitanshLast Updated: December 6, 2022

Like any field, project management is an evolving domain. You must continuously learn the latest happenings so that you can sharpen your skills. Of course, if you do want to change your department to project management, then project management courses will also come in handy. While one can opt for professional-grade project management certifications, these project management online courses will help you enhance your knowledge and a lot of them will let you earn certificates too. In this article, we have curated a list of 10 project management courses online that you can start with today.

Become a Project Coordinator

If you want to begin your career in project management, then this could be a great starting point. Not only will you learn project management basics and communication, but you will also get an understanding of to keep various tasks and teams aligned to complete projects efficiently. Available on LinkedIn, there are 10 courses that will take around 11 hours to finish. You will also get a badge of completion once you have finished the course.

Become a Project Manager

If you have finished the project coordinator course, then this is the next logical step if you are serious about a career in project management. This course will give you insights into managing projects end to end by using various project management techniques. Of course, you will also learn how to effectively manage projects while keeping time, budgets, and scope in mind. There are 10 courses which is 12 hours of content in total.

There are several other project management courses on LinkedIn that you can join, including how to manage risk, become a business analyst, and more.

The Project Management Course: Beginner to PROject Manager

As the name suggests, this is yet another course for beginners. It will teach project management knowledge and skills that will help you manage entire projects yourself. It will also provide you with an understanding of what exactly project managers do and how they can be successful in their profession, along with explaining project management methodologies like Waterfall and Agile. You will also be putting your knowledge into action by performing case studies of a project.

Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

Available on Coursera, this course will help you get a certificate from the University of Virginia. Since it is a basic course, you will be able to learn all about initiating, defining, and organizing a project. It will provide insights into developing a project plan, how to define project scope, sequencing tasks, and more. The eight-hour course will help you learn skills such as project planning, risk analysis, etc.

Google Project Management

If you are looking to get a certificate from Google, then you can opt for this course on Coursera. The course promises that you will learn skills to be able to get a job in the project management domain in less than six months. Having said that, you will need to dedicate about 10 hours to study every week. In terms of curriculum, you will understand how to create project documentation, different project management methodologies, and stakeholder management, among others from Google employees itself.

Introduction to Project Management

edX also offers a beginner-level course for project management offered by The University of Adelaide. Aptly titled “Introduction to Project Management”, it’s a six-week course for which one will need to dedicate two to three hours every week. The course highlights that you will gain an understanding of how to understand the goals of a project before you initiate it.

Everyday Project Management

If you think about it, project management can be applied in several areas of our life. And that’s what this course focuses on… helping you implement project management in day-to-day life. Right from understanding the five phases of project management to learning project management terms, and defining project timeline to identifying stakeholders – it will give you a bird’s eye view of what entails a successful project execution.

Project Management

Looking for free project management courses? Then this one is for you. Even though it is a free course, you will be able to get project management certification after successfully finishing it. The basic course will provide you with an introduction to project management, its various phases, how to plan projects, and a lot more. The self-paced course can be finished quickly too – in about an hour and a half.

Project Management Graduate Certificate

If you are looking to get a course certificate from a reputed university, then you can’t ignore this one. Harvard’s Project Management Graduate Certificate has four courses and can be taken online or on campus. The course curriculum will help you understand the project management lifecycle and develop leadership skills to finish projects well. The course can be finished in three years, and if you earn at least a B grade in all courses, you will earn a certificate.

Agile Crash Course: Agile Project Management; Agile Delivery

teamwork requires flexibility and agility

If you want to level up your knowledge about Agile project management, then this course is ideal for you. The course is taken by Mauricio Rubio, an Agile Guru and Founder of AgileKB. You will get to learn important concepts like Agile development, Agile project delivery, and more along with various tools and tops. After finishing the 2.5 hours course, you can be Agile certified too.

You can also choose several other Agile courses available on Udemy.

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There you have it. While this is not an extensive list by any means, it should give you a good understanding of different project management courses that you can join.

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