Take Control of Your Notifications Like Never Before

By Mark on July 8, 2016

Focus on your tasks, or collaborate with your team? With our all-new notifications upgrades, the power is totally in your hands.

We understand that most of the time, you need to closely follow your team’s updates. At other times, though, you just need to focus on your work and tune out notifications. Our goal with this big, big update is simple: we want to give you more control over how much you’re bothered by Flow while you’re trying to do your work.

If you want to receive more notifications, you can. If you want to receive fewer or none (get ready for the magic of Focus Mode), you now have that option. These new changes give you ideal flexibility both ways.

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Organize All Your Project’s Details with Project Notes

By Mark on June 7, 2016

Your projects in Flow are way more than just places to go and dump tasks: they’re what keeps your team organized and focused. And probably, to some extent, they’re what keeps your team sane.

To really make the most of your projects, though, you’ve gotta rally everyone around an idea, and make sure that everyone understands the driving force behind the work. Once you do that, it’s crucial to gather all those important, central details of the project and keep them visible. Otherwise, we might wander...

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Finding Project Clarity by Asking the Right Questions

By Mark on June 3, 2016

Project Clarity

Not all projects are created equal. Some offer us a crystal clear path to completion, while others take hours of bushwhacking before we can even see some semblance of a path. In all cases, and as most great project managers will attest, getting off on the right foot is crucial—even if it takes a ton of work before that first step can be made.

It’s all too easy to rush that first step, or to otherwise lose sight of its importance as you’ve got your eyes set on what that shiny final project will...

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Easier Editing, Faster Tasking: Your Task View Just Got A Makeover

By Mark on February 10, 2016

Tasks are truly living, breathing things. Due dates change, task owners change, subtasks get added: only in the most perfect of worlds can one set-and-forget a task.

We’ve always been conscious of this here at Flow, and that’s why you’re able to edit your tasks so thoroughly after they’re created. The problem, though, is that until today, many of those editing options were buried beneath a big ol’ edit button, and not easily accessible for quick, on-the-fly changes.

You might have seen that...

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Introducing Chat

By Andrew on September 1, 2015


A better way to talk at work.

We want to make working together better, and an important part of that is making work more visible. When teams use Flow to plan their projects and follow tasks through to completion, it all happens in a place where everyone on the team can see it.

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How We Make Flow Better Every Day

By Mark on April 9, 2015

We try to improve Flow a little bit every day. It’s not always easy, and it’s not always obvious to customers. After all, ‘better’ usually means small performance improvements that only the most scrutinizing users notice. And if we’re not busy ensuring Flow-as-you-know-it is perfect, we’re working on a huge new feature that the general public won’t lay eyes on for months.

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Workspaces Are Now Unlimited

A Field Guide to Using Workspaces to Keep Teams Organized

By Mark on April 6, 2015

Good news! The number of workspaces you can create in Flow is now 100% unlimited. This gives you an ideal way to keep different types of work separate or private.

But before we get into the goods, many of you may be thinking, “Why would I need more than one workspace?,” or perhaps, “What is a workspace? I have never used a workspace before. Teach me, please.” Gladly.

And we often hear those two questions from our customers: under the old guard of limited workspaces, most teams were using just...

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Major Improvements to Task Exporting & Reporting

By Mark on March 19, 2015

We know that Flow won’t always be the be-all and end-all for most customers. After all, a time might come when you’re having a meeting that includes people not familiar with your comprehensively organized account, and in those trying times, you might need to rely on a good ol’ fashioned list of tasks presented in an easy, consumable format.

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Get A Bird’s Eye View of Your Project with Kanban Boards

By Jake on February 23, 2015

Flow has always been great at helping you track the status of the tasks your team is working on by giving you a view of what has happened on each task, from start to finish. As projects grow to include more and more tasks, though, it can be hard to get sense of what’s going on in the project as a whole.

Today, we’re excited to introduce a beautiful new way to see the big picture in your projects, called Kanban Boards. It gives you the power to visualize any project and stay on top of each task in your workflow, so you can spend less time managing work—and more time doing it.

Visualize any project with Kanban Boards

The best way to get a feel for Kanban Boards is to see one in action, so we put together a 60-second video to show you just that:

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